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Fly UK Lockdown challange

UKV1685 - Matthew Lewis

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Hopefully we are moving closer to the end of various lock downs that our members are experience worldwide, when the time is right naturally. In the meantime here is a unique challenge and achievement for you all to try and obtain.

Day in the life - Fly UK Mainstream Short Haul operations

The challenge, select and operate any daily schedule for a mainstream Fly UK short haul aircraft, operate a minimum of four consecutive sectors mirroring the published timetable. To search for a specific aircraft's daily flight schedule use the flight search tool and filter by registration.

A full list of fleet registrations can also be found in the Fleet Center. Be sure to scan though all the fleet to find a schedule that you like...there is plenty to choose from

Challenge guidelines


  1. Flights must be operated on the same day with your selected air frame and registration.
  2. You can operate the flights at any real world time but Sim time should be set to reflect scheduled zulu time. Pausing for real life / sanity breaks is acceptable.
  3. Fly UK Mainstream fleet in classes C/D & E applicable for this challenge (No Fly 2 or Franchise)
  4. Minimum sectors for challenge required is four to reflect a normal pilots day but you may go up to a maximum of six if you really want a test.
  5. Record your progress and and submit on completion of challenge via this form , this will be reviewed against PIREP's for achievement award.

The challenge is open until June 28th. Good luck and be sure to share you progress with the community 🙂
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Dear all, please note that if you are doing this challenge, please only submit the form upon completion. Ive removed one response already for flights completed in the future, not sure who as they didn't enter UKV ID which I've changed to a mandatory question. 

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