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Fleet Centre Upgrade, major livery updates and new AI installer

UKV1685 - Matthew Lewis

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Fleet Centre layout/platforms
Our web team recently made some improvements to out Fleet Centre system and we have now completed updating our download links to match. Downloads are now distinctly labelled for their compatibility across platforms to make it easier for members to identify the correct download they require. Listings can now be found for the following supported platforms.


  • FSX / P3Dv3
  • P3Dv4
  • P3Dv5
  • XPlane
We have retained for now the Legacy tab for current aircraft on older non supported sims such as FS2004 and  XP10, where Fly UK releases were made historically.

We hope this system will be far more user friendly.

Livery updates
We have made a pass across a number of major livery packs including re-balancing the PBR shins on a number of key aircraft. We have also added a number of extra options for users, specifically freeware XP11 members. Full list is as follows
  • Payware
    • Aerosoft A319 & A32x - Updated to latest AS version installers, updated TOPA liveries to v1.1 for updated tail design.
    • Aerosoft CRJ - Updated to latest AS version installer, PBR update to v1.1
    • FSLabs A321 - PBR update to v1.1 (P3Dv4)
      FSLabs A320 - PBR update for the new model (P3Dv4 and P3Dv5)
    • PMDG 737, 744 and 748 (Mainstream PAX only), PBR update to v1.1
    • Qualitywings 787-8 and 787-10 texture corrections and PBR update to v1.1
  • Freeware
    • Added 787-10 download link
    • Added P3v4/5 compatibly Fly2 757
    • Added XP11 CRJ700
    • Added XP11 Avro RJ100
  • AI pack installer update to v4.074
    • Added P3dv5 option to installer, please note there is no other change to this release so re-download not required if you already have manually added to V5. 

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