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Out with the old, in with the Neo

UKV1685 - Matthew Lewis

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Our mainstream fleet is the workhorse of Fly UK with some of our 737's and A320's accumulating hours well beyond any other type in the fleet. An opportunity to pick up a deferred order of delivery ready brand new A320 NEO's has presented itself, so Fly UK has seized the chance for a part fleet refresh.

Ten new air frames will join the fleet towards the end of the month and will replace some of our older current engine option A320 air frames on Fly UK domestic and European routes. The A320 NEO will have dedicated routes within our schedules but will also form part of the wider A320 fleet pool allowing some flexibility.

Once available for delivery the Fleet Center will be updated and we hope to provide Mainstream liveries for MSFS and Jardesign A320 NEOS with more to come as and when other products are available. 


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