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Fly UK's "journey to online flying" two week programme now underway.

UKV1685 - Matthew Lewis

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After 15 years simming, I myself recently took my first steps on VATSIM so can appreciate how daunting it may be to some, but it is a rewarding experience. Pressing that Push to Talk button on frequency for the fist time was the biggest hurdle, preparation is the key but with support of fellow staff and members the experience is made far easier. This is why along with an invite from VATSIM Scandinavia, we announced our Training Academy programme for members wishing to take their first steps or build confidence on their journey to online flying last week, the full PR can be found here

Week one is now upon us so we'd like the share a little more detail on the upcoming sessions as well as place to log your interest and tells us a bit more about the areas you would like support. Firstly if you wish to take opportunity to use this unique program, please register your interest here via this form.

This weeks sessions

Wednesday 2nd Sep : Q & A session - Discord (20:00z) & Wednesday 2nd Sep : Q & A session - Teamspeak (21:00z)


  • General Q&A session about setting up, getting started ATC basics or anything to help you start or build confidence.
Saturday 5th Sep : Fly UK FSD server ATC group flight (13:00z)
  • Opportunity to join, fly or listen in a ATC controlled event in a training environment with Fly UK staff and members.

Next weeks sessions

Tuesday 8th Sep - Vatsim Session group flight 18:00z
  • Opportunity to join, fly or listen in on a Fly UK Group flight on Vatsim. An active but quiet route will be selected.

Wednesday 9th Sep - Drop in TA/ATC session on online flying - Teamspeak (19:00z)
  • Further chance to ask questions and develop learning to a ready to go point.

Thursday 10th Sep - Vatsim Session group flight 18:00z
  • Join and fly in on a Fly UK Group flight on Vatsim. An active route will be selected.

Saturday 12th Sep - Vatsim Copenhagen Live event
  • Opportunity to join a pre-planned and fully organised major ATC event with other Fly UK members. The CPH Live event spans the entire day however a Fly UK group flight will depart Manchester at 13:00z. Manchester Tower ATC coverage will be provided by a Vatsim qualified Fly UK member so a supportive and friendly voice will be on hand to get us underway, Copenhagen will also be expecting us and have provided us with thorough pre-event details meaning preparation and planning will be known with limited surprises. 

We hope to welcome members on this rare opportunity to get set up, ready and active with online flying. Past surveys has suggested many of you would love to try it but its a bold step, with this project there has never been better time to try.

I hope to see you there and welcome you on the journey.

Matt Lewis
Fly Uk CEO
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