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MSFS Livery updates

UKV1685 - Matthew Lewis

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After some months battling with poor mapping, we are finally able to release the Boeing 747-8i livery pack in interim form for MSFS. Some of the normal livery features remain an issue such as the main title so this has been worked around for now as an interim release.

Additionally the A320 Neo Fly UK Crystal has been upgraded to v2 and 4K textures. As one of the earlier liveries completed, some panel gap issues existed and a greater  understanding of MSFS painting is now known. As result this has been overhauled. Baked in registration has been removed however at the present point in time its not possible to alter the black text added by the sim despite being in the file options, hopefully that will be addressed in a future Asobo fix.

Finally....yes the coffee cup that's gripped the MSFS community is now available. We've gone further however with a Fly UK makeover and the dev version of the A32NX mod with more Fly UK branding and a number of Easter eggs for you to find and enjoy ;)

Download the A32NX Fly By Wire - UKV Cockpit Environment via Misc Downloads

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