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Fly UK Staff Position Changes

UKV1790 - Adam Hart

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We would like to announce some changes within the Fly UK Staff Team that has taken place over the previous few weeks. 

Firstly, Ron and Ross have switched roles within the Training Academy and Events team. Due to work commitments, Ron's time for Fly UK has sadly become limited, however he remains in the staff team as TA staff. As a result, Ross Elliot has taken over as head of the department. Secondly, on the events team, we welcome Sean Walters-Smith. As well as real world ATC knowledge, Sean will support organising our events schedule as we focus more time within the TA on new projects and programmes. 

Finally, in operations, Katrina has stepped back from her role due to real world commitments. Kat has made a huge impact on our franchises in recent years, shaping them into the extremely popular franchises we have today. For now, the operations team will report directly to the CEO with some minor changes as follows. Seb Noblett will assume responsibility for all mainstream operation bases from Class D upwards. Class E regional operations will be covered by Richard Greer, alongside the Highland Connect franchise. This is intended to give a more integrated approach to UK Domestic and Regional operations. Vice Chairman Adam Hillier will take responsibility for Topa Sky operations.

As always, a massive thank you to the Fly UK staff both past and present for their contributions to the Fly UK Community. 
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