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Introducing the new Pilot Resource & Development Centre

UKV1790 - Adam Hart

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The new Pilot Resource & Development Centre (PRDC) is now live, the new home for Fly UK resources, training and featured media content from our partnership with British Avgeek. The aim of the PRDC is to provide training, help and support to all Fly UK members in as many areas as possible, no matter what your ability might be. 

What will the PRDC contain?

The PRDC will be regularly updated with new material from our training staff and partnership with British Avgeek. A selection of what is currently present include:

  • Common/Featured Topics – A selection of commonly viewed and featured topics written by our training staff. These cover a wide selection of topics, such as explaining how to fly the difficult approach into Innsbruck. 
  • Resource & Guide Centre – Our document library, containing useful resources and guides, such as Airport Briefings, Training Documents and other guides.
  • Featured Media Content – A selection of featured training videos and media content from our partnership with streamer British Avgeek.

The PRDC can be found under the Crew Centre tab on the main page, under “Resources & Development”. We hope Fly UK members enjoy this overhaul. We would also like to thank Ross and the Web Team who made the overhaul possible.
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