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UKV1685 - Matthew Lewis

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Fly UK is recruiting!

We have a number of roles to fill on our permanent staff team as well as recognised contributor roles in specific areas. If you would like to be involved and support the team and members progress the VA in the future, browse the role descriptions on offer below and visit the application link at the bottom of the page.

Permanent staff roles

These are fully fledge permanent staff roles within the Fly UK team.

Community Manager(s)
We are looking for Community managers to support members across all Fly UK community platforms by helping and guiding on Fly UK membership questions, enquiries and topics. Ideal candidate should have in depth knowledge of Fly UK to be able to support member issues and be active across all our communication streams.

A high level of general sim knowledge to be able to support members in non-Fly UK specific matters is advantageous.

The role will be part of our VA Support services team. 

Role responsibilities include:

  • Managing and supporting member questions across Forums, Discord, Staff email, contact forms.
  • Monitoring non-member questions across social media platforms, Website contact forms
  • Moderation Forums and Discord channels
  • Supporting new members in joining and getting started with Fly UK.
  • Supporting in other VA Support services roles where required by department head including but not limited to HR, Marketing and other member experience improvement projects.

Operations Support & Fleet Administrator
Following an operations team re-shuffle, we have an opportunity to join the team in an operations support role to support our essential back-end process as well as work with the team in new projects. The role is essential for ensuring our PIREP process is accurate and up to date, operations data including fleet, airport, route and download links are up to date. The role will also play critical part in supporting the operations managers in checking and testing schedule ahead of seasonal changes.

An eye for detail and enjoying getting into and processing data is essential for this position as well as familiarity with operations, aircraft, routes and simulator add-ons development across sim platforms.

The role will be part of our VA Operations team. 

Role responsibilities include:

  • Daily checking of the PIREP approval system.
  • Ensure accuracy of airport data, chart links, download links and adding new products as released
  • Supporting ops managers on airframe utilisation, fleet data accuracy.
  • Co-ordinating data compilation and testing of schedules across the VA at seasonal changes or other major update, supporting to fix errors as and where required.
  • Supporting any member route queries.

Resource/Training support
Following our refresh of the training Academy to our new Fly UK Pilot Resource & Development Centre, we are looking for staff to support the team and members by contributing to our developing portfolio of guides, documents and resources. Working closely with the department head, the role will identify topics and themes to cover and produce resources to support members learning and development across aircraft, airport and flying operations topics.

Experience in producing concise training guides and imagery is essential. Video content creation experience is highly advantageous but not critical. 

The role will be part of our VA Development and Events Team. 

Role responsibilities include:

  • Observing member questions across Fly UK community platforms for common questions and development opportunities. Provide response where able as well as noting themes for future content.
  • Creating training/development resource document and blog content.
  • Supporting reviewing and updating Fly UK resource content such as checklists and other pilot tools.


Fleet Painter - X-Plane
We are recruiting for the role of X-Plane fleet painter. Fly UK prides itself on high quality fleet liveries for its members use so this position is key to maintaining our corporate image and quality on the XP platform.

Evidence of past high quality livery work will be essential as well as an accurate eye for detail. The ideal candidate will be someone committed to the XP platforms with access to and/or will to invest in new fleet products as they come to the platform.  

Experience in other platforms will be advantageous but X-plane is the specific requirement as well as commitment to future X-Plane versions.

The role will be part of our VA Support services Team. 

Recognised Contributor roles

Fly UK have a number of non-staff roles for project groups or support teams. These are ideal for members wishing to support the VA’s members by providing services and/or improvements without the requirements of full-time staff duties. We are interested to hear from any members with interest in the following areas

ATC Team
Ideal for any member looking to learn ATC roles and support on Fly UK events or training/familiarity sessions for members getting started on flying online. We are interested to hear from members with current or past control experience as well as any looking to learn.

Aircraft experts – Training Captains
Do you have in-depth knowledge of a specific aircraft and willing to share and support members learn detailed study level systems and operations. We are looking for members willing to step up to help and guide other members progress in their chosen aircraft and product. Although a non-staff role, you will work alongside the Fly UK VA Development and Events Team as a guide and resource of knowledge, assisting with member resource development where able.

Video content creators
We are looking for members with video content creation skills to assist the VA update and refresh marketing videos trailers and produce new content. If interesting in helping the VA, contact us with an example video.

To apply for any of these opportunity, please complete our application form here

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