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Fly UK Team changes

UKV1685 - Matthew Lewis

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Our members are what makes Fly UK the success story that it is but it would not exist without the engine room that is Fly UK's staff team. A number of changes and a recruitment drive have now concluded which result in the following changes

Human Resources
Regrettably Allan Hook recently decided to retire from the VA after a long period of service. Although Allan stopped simming some time ago, he continued to support the team and community for a long period beyond, which we are hugely grateful for. Allan however decided recently to pursue other interests in his retirement so has handed over the reins.
 As result, the HR function now falls to the senior team, albeit it many of the core processes now handled automatically by the new website and background systems. Member HR support now falls to the Community support team with Matt Crick picking up oversight of Hr related items such as leave requests, queries and membership issues.
 Training Team
With the launch of the updated training and resource centre, the team's focus switched to creating engaging regular content for it members to expand knowledge and abilities. To support Ross Elliot in this, Stuart Hyett and John Wheat join the staff team in Training Support roles and will work to achieve this goal.
 Additionally we welcome a number of people to the Training Captain team, this is a non-staff group of highly knowledgeable and skilled individuals who will support the training team and members in advancing knowledge on particular subject or aircraft specific matters. We welcome Matt King to this group and we are still speaking to other candidates to expand the team.
 Operations Team
The ops team has had a re-shuffle for future projects. Firstly, Seb Noblett is promoted to Senior Ops manager and will lead planning and development. Our franchise managers whilst they remain in charge of their franchise divisions are now rebranded to Operations managers with the intention of the group working as a whole towards positive developments instead of in silo for their franchise areas. Joining the team in an ops support role we welcome Martyn Pearson who will be the eyes and ears of the ops team to ensuring accuracy and minimise issues as we progress in our aims and ambitions.
 Community Support
We continue to be in contact with candidates for the Community support Manager role, we hope to confirm that position in the near future. The biggest change for this team is handing over the process of PIREP management to the new automated systems and the Operations teams, allowing full focus on supporting and engaging with the Fly UK community.
 ATC Team
Headed up by Philip Beswick, we welcome new members to our non-staff ATC team. The team’s aim is to learn along with our flying members and they group remains open to new members at any time. Andy Hasty, Ioannis Gaitaneris, Gareth Robinson-Jones and David Bartley join the team. The team aim to bring ATC to a regular Saturday monthly event on our FSD server.
 We welcome all the new joiners to our teams and the positive impact they can bring for our membership.

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