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New Year, New Fleet

UKV1685 - Matthew Lewis

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Fly UK wishes all its members a Happy New Year.

As 2021 enters final approach to 2022, we'd thought we would give you a flavour to some of our forthcoming fleet changes and additions. After a mostly static year on fleet, we aim to offer more choice with some renewals and accommodate our rapidly expanding MSFS user base whilst continuing to provide for members operating P3D and XP11.
Fleet Renewal
Much of our fleet has operated for many "virtually" years now and is approaching the point of retirement. Some of our 737's for example have been with us since the VA launched. A large part of our fleet strategy for 2022 will see partial phased renewals in the following types.
  • New Airbus A320 and A321 NEO - Mainstream (replacing CEO)
  • New ATR72-600 - Highland Connect & Topa Sky (replacing ATR-500)
  • New Boeing 737-8 MAX - Fly 2 (Replacing B738)
  • Leased Boeing 777-200ER - Mainstream (Replacing B77L)
All of the above will join in the same cabin configurations as the older types similar to the arrangement we have set up with the current A320 CEO/NEO fleet today. As such after introduction they can be operated alongside the types they replace and interchange on routes.
Other Fleet intentions
We do have some other plans in place which remain top secret for now but one we can confirm as teased a few months ago is intention to introduce A220 to mainstream operations. We are awaiting aircraft products to evolve and release before we can commit to  timescales on this so at this stage it's confirmation of our intention but with no firm date. 
To head off the elephant in the room (almost literally), we can confirm we have no plans to introduce the A380 as has always been the VA stance. Whilst we appreciate that may disappoint some with the MSFS FBW A380 in development, other sim platforms have no A380 product line available. Additionally our long haul fleet is already very varied and well catered for by the 747's for this level of capacity and the A380 remains a challenged aircraft in the real world in terms of popularity. 
We hope that gives members something to look forward to in the new year and hope you enjoy your time with Fly UK into 2022.

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