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Fly UK To Evolve

UKV1325 - Jason Beaumont

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Fly UK recently celebrated its 18th birthday, during these years the virtual airline has gone from strength to strength and has grown to include divisions which operate in a variety of locations around the globe and offer our members a vast variation in where they can fly.

As new divisions have been added, some terminology has evolved to distinguish the ‘original’ Fly UK from its other subsidiary divisions.  This led to the term ‘Scheduled’ to mean all flights within the Fly UK brand and ‘Mainstream’ to include all flights within the subsidiary divisions. Over recent months it has become apparent that some of this terminology may be being confused.  Therefore it has been decided to have a slight restructure of the virtual airline.

Fly UK as we know it will now evolve further to become the Fly UK Group; within this Group structure will be our divisions, separated into Airline Divisions and Other Divisions.  Within our Airline Divisions will reside the Fly UK branded operations along with Fly2, Highland Connect, Nordic Sky, Aurora, Topa Sky, Cargo and Codeshare.  Within our Other Divisions will be the Flying Club and Tours.

Therefore both the terms ‘Scheduled’ and ‘Mainstream’ will be removed from our structural terminology.  Instead, the Fly UK branded operations will simply be referred to as ‘Fly UK’ and all operations within the subsidiary divisions will be referred to as ‘Airline Divisions’, while the whole encapsulating organisation will be known as ‘the Fly UK Group’.

We hope this will clarify our operational structure, as well as providing a solid base from which to expand the Fly UK Group further in future. 

The changes outlined here will be launched from the 1st June 2022.
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