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Winter is coming!

UKV1685 - Matthew Lewis

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Winter at LOWI

Winter approaches for those of us in the Northern hemisphere and the majority of Fly UK group ops. The usual seasonal ops changes can be expected but the new Cetan launch takes centre stage on November 12th. Aside from that, here's the rundown on what to expect for Winter 22/23.

  • Fly UK
Scheduled services undergo the usual rotation of airframe types to give members who may only operate limited types a little more route choice. This is along with some minor seasonal route adjustments. Bratislava and Islamabad are new destinations from London and Manchester switches from Nashville to Miami to link with the new Cetan Network.

  • Cargo
The main change for Cargo is the new Boeing 737-800BCF routes which can be found in domestic and European sectors. Longer haul gets some minor adjustments for some of the multi-leg routes it operates.

  • Aurora
With Cetan due soon, Aurora adjusts its operational focus and returns to its roots in Canada and Alaska. Whilst linked with the wider network, the Denver base transfers to Cetan and Las Vegas closes. A new base opens in Montreal to widen the network north of the US border.

  • Nordic
Kodiak goes into operation replacing the venerable B1900D. It takes over the existing routes with the addition of Stord island.

  • Fly2
Fly2 services slow a little in the gap between November and the start of Ski season on December 10th, but all the usual winter sun getaway destinations can be found year-round. Returning after several years are the Egypt destinations for Hurghada and Sharm El Sheik. 

With the closure of Doncaster Sheffield airport, Fly2 returns to one of its origin airports, Liverpool. Two 737-800's will operate from EGGP paired with Leeds. 

Finally, the winter wet lease to our Canadian cousins will take place as normal from December 1st as they escape the cold in seek of warmth.

  • Lapland
Yes, Christmas isn't far away and Fly UK will offer the usual December trips to Lapland operated by the Fly2 fleet and Fly UK A320s. These will run from 1st to 28th December. The seasonal special liveries will be available in the fleet centre during that period.

Most other services remain unchanged and of course, winter for us means summer for our down-under crew so you can always head to Topa for the season! 

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