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Livery additions for MSFS

UKV1121 - Chris Sutcliffe

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Four additional liveries are now available for MSFS users to download from our fleet centre, opening up access to fleet types and Fly UK routes previously not covered in the sim.

Two of these are for the recently launched Kuro 787-8 Mod. Based on the Asobo 78X (required), this mod brings a new 787-8 model combined with the Heavy Division B78x improvement project. Liveries for Fly2 and Topa Sky are on offer.

We also bring liveries for the LatinVFR Airbus series which members requested. Topa Sky A319 and Fly UK A321 Neo are available. It should be noted that these models do have some minor texture mapping issues which we are unable to overcome, however, we hope you will enjoy the end result. For the best experience with these LVFR aircraft, we recommend using the FBW compatibility mod from Flightsim. However, it's not a requirement.

We hope you enjoy these latest livery additions.


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