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757 Freighter Retirement

UKV1325 - Jason Beaumont

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Given the recent success of the Boeing 737 addition to the Fly UK Cargo fleet,  Fly UK Group has opted to retire the remaining two Boeing 757F's which will be replaced by additional leased 737-800BCF's. Boeing 757 fans, especially those looking forward to the Bluebird/Justflight release need not worry however as the type remains in active service across the Fly2, Aurora and Cetan operations.

Retirement flights of the two 757F to Victorville, California for storage will begin on 1 April and will remain available until the end of the transition period on 15 April. The routing for these flights will be via Goose Bay in Canada.

Delivery flights of the two newly leased 737-800BCFs from Boeing Renton, Washington to London Stansted will also be availble during the same transitioning period. These will be routed by Iqaluit in Canada.  After this they will begin Domestic and European operations along with our two existing 737-800BCFs.

Both the retirement flights and delivery flights will be available under the Ad-Hoc Route Type from 1 April 2023 00:00z until 15 April 2023 23:59z  for those pilots who hold the correct rank to fly the respective aircraft.

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