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Fleet and operational changes 2024

UKV1685 - Matthew Lewis

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2024 is set to be an exciting year for flight simmers with a raft of quality addons expected to arrive in our simulators.

Here at Fly UK, we are making many preparations for our fleet and operations to allow members to plan for the changes we intend to make in our fleet. We'll see some new additions and some types we will be saying goodbye to.

Highland Connect

Aviation followers will have recently seen the Saab 340 retire from service with Loganiar, Highland Connect will also be retiring its Saab 340’s at the end of March. To replace the venerable Saab, the ATR 42-600 will arrive to replace it. 

We will also replace the last ATR 72-500’s with the updated new 600 variant in the Spring.


Aurora will also see ATR 42 replace the Saab 340, We will also retire the MD88 this year although that will take place later in the year, the replacement type is yet to be confirmed. 

Nordic Sky

Nordic will change its jet fleet to the E190, replacing some of the Dash 8 fleet. Operational changes are planned to make the most of the extra capability offered for Scandanavia-European routes as well as offering Jet capability into some short-field airports such as London City. The E195 fleet will relocate to the US and the Cetan network.


Cetan has been operating for just over a year now with great success, This year may see an additional hub being added, but our main focus will be growing regional routes with the addition of ERJ175 and 195’s. Cetan has several options on A330-900s to convert additionally.

Topa Sky

As with Hihgland, Topa will be swapping out its last ATR 72-500’s for newer 600’s. We will also be reting the A319 to be replaced with A320 Neo’s.

Fly UK 

Nothing is imminent for our main Fly UK operations however we are planning with heavy heart to replace the last of the Boeing 747-400’s in late 2024. Sadly the old girls' days on passenger service are numbered and with no representation in MSFS or XP, it is time to move on, but in the hope we do see a product on the horizon, she’ll carry on in Cargo.

Fly UK are considering many options to fill the gap the B744 will leave but with many aircraft in the long-haul market coming this year to boost the 787 and 747-8i fleet, we are sure our Long-haul operations will offer some great choices.

So that's it for now, lots more is in the works with more surprises to come in our 20th anniversary year so keep watch.

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