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UKV1685 - Matthew Lewis

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So, did anyone get the teaser right from the Fleet and operational changes 2024 new post back in Feb?  If you did, well done, if not then time to reveal some changes to the long-haul fleet coming late this year and in 2025.


Yes the A380 will be coming to the fleet in due course, ops team members have been out picking over the many parked A380 around the world and we've agreed to take six airframes. The introduction will naturally coincide with the arrival of the FBW and/or Inibuilds products when they become available.

A change to our previous stance, well yes but we know the FBW will be a massively popular freeware aircraft when it arrives and the A380 which was dying out a few years back is gradually being reintroduced by some operators. Fly UK will operate it on high-demand routes such as New York, Dubai etc. Also replacing the Boeing 747-400 (slated to retire in early 2025) has been a conundrum for the ops team, having spent time pondering over the change and development in the sim aircraft development world, this move along with an order of 12 additional A350-900's will update the long haul fleet.

On the shorter haul fleet, we have now confirmed orders for 737-8 Max aircraft to replace the remaining Fly2 737 airframes. These are the Fly UK group's oldest airframes and have served their time on both Mainstream and Fly 2 operations.


Line Ops Challenge 2024

Our free fly month comes to a close at 23:59z 30th April but we have one more challenge back by popular request. Those of you with us during COVID lockdown will recall our line ops challenge which will return in May. 

To participate, members must fly a minimum of four consecutive sectors from any airframe within our Class D fleet during a single day. Details will follow shortly on how to take part and prizes on offer from participation.


Summer Anniversary Meet-up Date TBC

We are planning a summer meet-up for members at Manchester Airport Pub. Expression of interest form will be shared shortly. After a great time with all those who attended FSWeekend, we look forward to another opportunity to meet up :)

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