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Latest News & Updates for Members - October

UKV1121 - Chris Sutcliffe

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Dear Members,


The year seems to have gone past like a shot and we can't quite believe it's October already! However, we've still got plenty planned for Fly UK in 2010 and well into the New Year. We appreciate significant setbacks in the release date for our SkyTrack Flight Logging Software. However we promise we are making very significant progress behind the scenes! We are trying very hard to make sure the software is bug free and working perfectly on release.


September was also an active month here at Fly UK. We had 374 unique pilots who flew with a UKV callsign and filed a combined total of 2230 pireps throughout September. We received 1363 mainstream pireps, 549 tour pireps, 79 flying club pireps and 191 FSP pireps. 19 pilots completed tours in September.





- Fly UK Opens as an ATO!




Fly UK Virtual Airways is the first Virtual Airline in the world to announce that we are now fully open & running as an ATO on the VATSIM network.


The network has, for the last year, been developing a pilot training program that would enable quick but efficient training of the 50,000+ active VATSIM community. The idea was to allow VA's and ATC Divisions to open as "ATO's" who would be authorised to train pilots and award VATSIM pilot ratings. Fly UK nominated to participate in the beta of this program, which has now come to fruition. We are empowered to award the P1 Rating to pilots who complete the following course:


VATSIM - Getting Started - P1 Rating


Both new and experienced pilots are welcome to take the course. For new pilots, you will receive a comprehensive introduction to VATSIM's structures and procedures. For experienced pilots, you will be quizzed on the same material, but in a more question-answer type session. Upon successful completion of the course, the P1 Rating will be awarded to you via the vatsim.net website. You will also get the normal Fly UK Training Award as well.


We would like to thank VATSIM for allowing us to participate in this new training initiative and we are incredibly proud to be the first virtual airline to be awarded ATO status. We hope that many new and existing Fly UK pilots will take advantage of our ATO status and will book the new course which allows them to gain a rating recognised by both Fly UK and VATSIM.


Finally we would like to issue a huge public thank you to Wygene Chong (Head of VATSIM Online Operations) who has effectively created this programme for Fly UK. He has liased with VATSIM, designed the programme, created many draft documents and spent hour upon hour in order to make the programme a success.


Full information about Fly UK's ATO program & how it works can be found here: http://www.flyuk.aero/en/index.php?page=ne...&?tabtabs=2



- New Flying Club Tour




As part of our expansion plans for the Flying Club, we are pleased to announce the launch of a new Flying Club tour which was put together by UKV1238 - Brian Hudson.


The tour will take you throughout England and is designed to complement our Scottish VFR tour. We hope it will give you the chance to view the country's main attractions. This tour will be of particular interest to FSX users as there is excellent free scenery available on flightsim.com by Alf Denham.


For full details please see the following press release: http://www.flyuk.aero/en/index.php?page=pr...ease&id=596



- VATSIM - Area Control Trial


Just a reminder that over the month of October, VATSIM is trialling new area sectors, which combine both enroute and TMA control into one. They need lots of feedback, particularly from pilots flying under the sectors. Please refer to NOTAM INDIA to read all about the trial:




Provide your feedback in the forum topic below:




Alternatively, send an email to wygene.chong[at]flyuk.aero



- Staff Team Changes


UKV1197 - Derek Butterworth has decided that, after 5 years service on the TA team, he will be stepping down from the staff team and enjoying life as a pilot at Fly UK. It has been a pleasure to have Derek on the team and it is sad that you have left the TA; you will be greatly missed. Derek has dedicated a good 5 years of his spare flight simming time to helping so many members who have passed through the Fly UK TA. We should be very proud of him!


Derek has been key to the success of Fly UK and has worked hard to build up one of our greatest assets which is the Training Academy.


Derek will continue to be an active Fly UK pilot as well as a fleet/software tester.


UKV1804 - Conny Eklund has also decided to leave the Training Academy. We thank Conny for all his hard work over a number of years and wish him all the best with his IVAO responsibilities & hope to continue to see him at events and flying for us!


On a different note, we are pleased to welcome back UKV1483 - Ross Queripel & UKV1592 - Chris Jones to the staff team. Ross will be helping us in the Training Academy as a TA instructor and Chris will be assisting with our Fleet Management - namely repainting! We hope both these returning staff members settle in quickly & enjoy their time.


Finally we'd also like to offer a warm welcome to UKV1470 - Jacob Rogers who joins us for a one month's probation in the Marketing Department as a Marketing Manager.



- Aircraft Downloads/Repaints Update


We have released and updated several downloads over the last month.


Thanks to UKV1170 - Carl Richards we now have an updated repaint for the Level-D B767-300 (FS2004/FSX). The engines now have 'flyuk.aero' textures instead of 'flyukva.com'.


Thanks to UKV1592 - Chris Jones we now have a repaint for the feelThere/Wilco A320-200 (FS2004/FSX). There was a slight issue when this repaint was originally released, the aircraft had aquired an extra exit! This has now been corrected. You can re-download the repaint or download the fix from our forums.


Chris has also repainted a B757-200-WL aircraft for the IVAO MTL. The repaint has been sent off to the IVAO MTL team and is pending release.


Repaints for the iFly B737-800 and PMDG MD11-F are in progress. We are also awaiting the master texture files from our old repainter Matt to see if we can get the repaint for the Captain Sim B757-200 working okay in FSX.


UKV1390 - Pete Gill is working on updated B737-800 and B757-200 aircraft download packages for FSX.


Left on the repaint to do list now repaints for default FSX B737-800, B747-400 and A320 aircraft and IVAO MTL ATR72-500 and A320-200 aircraft.


All aircraft downloads and repaints can be downloaded from the aircraft downloads page on the website: http://www.flyuk.aero/en/index.php?page=do...&?tabtabs=0



- New - Fly UK Weekly Round Up


We have introduced a new weekly round up report that will be released every Sunday evening after the staff team meeting. A different manager will be responsible for putting the report together each week. This will give a round up summary of member activity for the week. It gives details of pirep statistics for the week, top 10 pilots, special mentions, birthdays, new members, training tip of the week and a random fact of the week!


The report is posted as a website annoucement and in the 'The Bar - General Chat & Discussion' section of our community forums.



- Screenshot Competition - Sponsored by UK2000 scenery!


Thank you to all members who submitted entries for the September screenshot competition. Congratulations to UKV1625 - Graham Hammill who was the winner with his shot 'Out of Africa'. Graham won himself a UK2000 Xtreme scenery package. Well done!


The theme for the October screenshot competition will be announced shortly. Keep an eye on the forums for details: http://forum.flyuk.aero/index.php?showforum=10



- October Online Events




Do you fly online? Then we'd like to invite you to join us on our many events throughout the month of October.


IVAO Events


Weekly Group Flights:

- Sat 2nd October - 0600z - Tenerife to Madeira

- Sat 9th October - 0600z - Madeira to Faro

- Sat 16th October - 0600z - Faro to Valencia

- Sat 23rd October - 0600z - Valencia to Naples

- Sat 30th October - 0600z - Naples to Innsbruck

Other Events:

- Tues 12th October - 1830z - Barcelona to Frankfurt

- Sat 23rd October - 1300z to 1900z - IVAO UK Manchester RFE - Fly UK flights will be available to book via our own booking system soon. Keep an eye on the website.




Northern Skies:

- Fri 1st October - 1700z - Oslo to Stockholm - Leg VII

- Sun 17th October - 0930z -Stockholm to Helsinki - Leg VIII

- Fri 29th October - 1700z - Helsinki to Copenhagen - Leg IX


Please note that the Running Standings topic for Northern Skies has been updated to include all pilots who have flown in the event so far.


Flying Club Events:


- Fri 18th October - 1830z - Flying Club Autumn return to the Norwegian Fjords - FSX



- IVAO UK - Manchester RFE


IVAO UK's legendary "Real Airport" event is back, and this time we're going to Manchester!


On Saturday 23rd October, between 1300z and 1900z there will be at least 14 active control positions for the duration of the event which will be controlled live from the IVAO UK ACC in South-East England.


Due to the expected volume of traffic only flights booked through Fly UK, or IVAO UK will be accepted. (Booking systems will be available soon).


Fly UK pilots will be able to book a Fly UK flight via our own RFE booking system. These are special Fly UK flights created specifically for this event and you will be able to file a pirep and utilise the normal flight dispatch pages from Fly UK!.


This event is not to be missed, we hope to see you there! More details will be released on the website soon.



- New to Online Events?


If you have never attended an online event at Fly UK before, why not give it a go this month? There are plenty to choose from. You should find all the information you need on the online events page, if not, please do not hesitate to message a member of staff, post in the forums, or come and speak to us on Teamspeak.


Remember we meet on Fly UK Teamspeak before every online event, make sure you pop on to meet the rest of the guys and say hello. It is also a great chance to ask any questions or check information prior to the event beginning!


We look forward to flying with you!





Chris Sutcliffe - CEO



Jeffrey Shen - Assistant CEO



Tom Hurrell - Assistant CEO



On behalf of the Fly UK Staff Team

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