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Latest News & Updates for Members - November


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Dear Members,


Not long to go until Christmas! How fast time has flown! Fly UK has progressed well in 2010, however, there are still a few projects we want to include in 2010 before we finish.


October was, as always, an active month here at Fly UK. We had 400 unique pilots who flew with a UKV callsign and filed a combined total of 2,757 pireps throughout October. We received 1,669 mainstream pireps, 736 tour pireps, 299 flying club pireps and 204 FSP pireps. 27 pilots completed tours in September.




- Winter Schedule Operational




We have now announced our Winter Schedules for 2010/11 and made certain changes to the structure, fleet & operational destinations. Our new winter schedules began on the 1st November 2010. The routes database has been changed - so get searching for a new favorite! We hope that these changes keep an interesting and stimulating variety for all our pilots to try something now alongside the old favorites. A detailed summary of all the changes and new operations can be found in this Press Release: http://www.flyuk.aero/en/index.php?page=pr...ease&id=603



- Skyways: Winter Edition


We are currently in the process of writing the winter edition of our magazine, Skyways. We'd like to invite everybody to contribute to the magazine because after all it's the Fly UK Community magazine and lots of input from our members would be great!


Members are free to submit material at any time during the year and we'll include it in the next edition! Here are some simple ideas of what we'd love to receive as soon as possible:


- Letters to the editor/staff team (feedback, ideas, questions or suggestions on anything to do with Fly UK - did you like our Winter Operations? Yes or no - let us know!)

- Help/Assistance (send us a technical question and we'll try to answer it in the next edition)

- Testimonials (if you'd like to write about your time at Fly UK, we'd be happy to listen!)

- Flight Reports (Do you have an interesting report about your last flight? Why not write about it, add some pictures and send it over!)

- Reviews (What was your latest FS addon? A must buy or a waste of money? Let us know!)

- Hardware tips (Any budding cockpit builders? We'd be happy to hear about your experiences!)


Don't worry if you haven't submitted before, we're happy to hear from all members whether you have 10 or 1,000 hours and whether you've written a sentence or a page! If you have anything to say that doesn't fit into the above descriptions please feel free to send it anyway, as we try to include as wide a variety of articles as possible.


Please email all submissions, and any questions you may have to:



We look forward to hearing from you!



- World Flight 2010




We would like to thank everybody for yet another year in World Flight! This year, our Fly UK pilots managed to fly 36 out of the 45 legs, which was a real achievement as it was a non-stop event for 7 days straight!



- Introducing SkyTrack - Available Soon


SkyTrack is the name for our Flight Tracking software. A final testing version has already been released within the Beta-Testing team and, providing this has no issues, the software will be released to the members. We appreciate how long this has taken, however, we believe it's essential to iron out all problems before general release. We don't anticipate any further beta-versions now so release is imminent!



- Hajj 2010 - Ad-Hoc Flights


In order to support the annual Hajj at Mecca, we will be increasing our frequency and routes on our flights to Jeddah. We will operate:


- from Heathrow - Daily flights using B744/B763.

- from Manchester - 6x Weekly flights using B752/B763.

- from Leeds - 4x Weekly flights using B752/B763.


These new schedules will begin on the 11th November and end on the 5th December. After this, Heathrow will then resume it's normal 5x weekly flights.


A NOTAM will be released with full details to notify once these are active. We hope members will enjoy this variation!



- Aircraft Downloads/Repaints Update




We have made significant progress with our repaints & fleet this month now that we have Chris Jones back on the team. We have submitted B757, A320 & ATR72 repaints to the IVAO MTL - this means we will now have a full fleet in the IVAO MTL! We were also happy to make available a repaint for the PMDG MD-11F on our website so that members can enjoy this great payware add-on in our colours! Furthermore the Fly UK repaint for the Wilco A320 is now available!



- Screenshot Competition - Sponsored by UK2000 scenery!




Thank you to all members who submitted entries for the October screenshot competition. Voting has closed and congratulations to UKV1212 - Adam Hillier who came first, closely followed by UKV1257 - Chris Horsley and UKV1218 - Dennis Cliff in joint second!


We were inundated with a record 33 entries this month following our anonymous entering system and we have decided to keep this system in place until further notice. All members are welcome to submit shots to the competition following the published rules. Entries can be submitted by emailing them to the email address stated in that month's competition topic.


November's Competition is now up and running and the theme is Heavy Weather! For more information, please see: http://forum.flyuk.aero/index.php?showforum=89



- Featured Destination - Ljubljana




This month, Fly UK are featuring Ljubljana - the capital of Slovenia, as our featured destination. To find our more about this modern European city, please read our featured destination article.



- November Online Events




Do you fly online? Then we'd like to invite you to join us on our many events throughout November. This month we are holding a special memorial flight for UKV1313 - Paul Davies who sadly passed away recently;


- Tuesday 16th Nov - 1900z - Leeds to Heathrow - IVAO

- Tuesday 16th Nov - 1900z - Heathrow to Leeds - VATSIM


IVAO Events


Weekly Group Flights:

- Sat 13th Nov - 0700z - Rome to Ljubljana

- Sat 20th Nov - 0700z - Ljubljana to Pula then to Split

- Sat 27th Nov - 0700z - Split to Mostar then to Dubrovnik then to Tirana.




Northern Skies:

- Fri 12th Nov - 1700z - Copenhagen to Amsterdam - Leg X

- Sun 28th Nov - 0930z - Amsterdam to Birmingham - Leg XI


Flying Club Events:

- Sun 14th Nov - 1500z - Flying Club's Outing to Scotland - FSX[/url]



We look forward to flying with you!





Chris Sutcliffe - CEO



Jeffrey Shen - Assistant CEO



Tom Hurrell - Assistant CEO



On behalf of the Fly UK Staff Team

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