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FlyUno / FLY2 Announcement

UKV1121 - Chris Sutcliffe

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FlyUno / FLY2 Announcement


After lengthy discussions between the senior management of Fly UK regarding the airlines low cost brand, it has been decided this evening that Fly UK will drop FlyUno as its low cost brand as of 4th April 2007.


FlyUno joined forces with Fly UK in November 2006, the FlyUno brand was to become Fly UK's smart, main and only brand for low cost flights, replacing Fly UK's original FLY2 brand. Although some valuable progress was made, such as the re-design of flyuno.com, the transition from FLY2 to FlyUno unfortunately incurred several setbacks and delays, leaving us with a number of concerns and problems.


Chris Sutcliffe Fly UK CEO commented:

"FlyUno is a very smart brand with lots of potential, we've tried to make it work here at Fly UK, however due to the setbacks, mix ups and other problems, unfortunately this has not happened as we had hoped. Acting responsibly as a staff team and based on the feedback from our members, I feel that at this stage, it would be unwise to spend anymore time to try and make FlyUno work at Fly UK. I would like to thank Jon and his team for their efforts over the past 4 months, it has been an interesting and valuable experience for all involved."


FlyUno operations are currently already suspended and no further UA pireps can be filed using the Fly UK system. FlyUno expect to make an announcement later this week to announce their plans for the FlyUno brand, and if it will continue elsewhere.


As a result of this evenings discussions, Fly UK have made the decision to re-launch its previous low cost brand - FLY2.


FLY2 operations have now re-commenced using our 3 FLY2 livery Boeing 737-700 aircraft operating to 12 destinations from Liverpool John Lennon Airport. All Class C First Officers or above are now able to file pireps for FLY2 low cost flights. For full information on FLY2, aircraft downloads and routes, please see FLY2's website - http://www.flyukva.com/fly2


FLY2 will not operate from FlyUno's Amsterdam and Munich bases, instead we will be adding 2 new bases to our route network in the coming months at London Stansted and Geneva, with a variety of exciting new low cost destinations including:


- Alghero (Sardinia)

- Carcassone (South of France)

- Hamburg

- Jerez (Spain)

- Malmo (Norway)

- Dublin

- Girona(Barcelona)

- Marseille

- Rome (Ciampino)


It is sad to see FlyUno go, on the day which marks 3 years of operations for Fly UK, and again we would like to thank Jon and his team for their efforts. However we feel this is the correct action to take and hope you will understand the situation. We will also be creating a topic in our forum where members are welcome to leave feedback.


--- ENDS --- 

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us:


Fly UK Virtual Airways CEO

Email: chris.sutcliffe@flyukva.com  


FlyUno CEO

Email: jon.chambers@flyuno.com

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