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Fly UK and WOH Group Announce Codeshare Agreement

UKV1121 - Chris Sutcliffe

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Fly UK and WOH Group Announce Codeshare Agreement


After detailed negotiations, Fly UK Virtual Airways & woh|group are excited to report that we have reached a codeshare agreement with each other.

woh|group began operations as CharterAir VA in August 2000. The woh|group was formed in 2002 and has grown to become one of Germany's premier virtual airlines. Today the group flies to over 350 destinations and compromises of American Sun, Arabian Sun, CharterAir and Virtual Skyways.

Fly UK pilots will be able to fly a selection of routes from woh|group airlines using the relevant aircraft from woh|group. The hours will however, be logged at Fly UK. Vica-versa, woh|group pilots will be able to fly a selection of Fly UK routes in our aircraft for their log-books.

As of the 6th December 2010, the following flights will be available to Fly UK Pilots, operated under the 'American Sun' division of woh|group:

New York KJFK > Atlanta KATL - Daily - B777-200ER (Class C & above.)
New York KJFK > Boston KBOS - Daily - B757-200W (Class D & above.)
New York KJFK > Detroit KDTW - Daily - MD 82 (Class D & above.)
New York KJFK > San Juan TJSJ - Daily - AS8000 MD 82 (Class D & above.)
New York KJFK > Winnipeg CYWG - Mon/Wed/Fri - MD 82 (Class D & above.)
New York KJFK > St. Maarten TNCM - Thurs/Sun - MD 82 (Class D & above.)

Fly UK already operates daily to New York KJFK from London Heathrow to support this operation.

We will also be introducing further codeshare routes with woh/group airline 'Arabian Sun' around the 15th of December. We will codeshare with them on flights between London and Abu Dhabi and onward flights from Abu Dhabi.

As of the 6th December 2010, the following Fly UK flights will be available to woh|group pilots:

Bremen - Liverpool B737
Dusseldorf - Leeds E170
Frankfurt - Leeds E170
Frankfurt - Southampton F100
Hanover - Southampton Q400
London LHR - Manchester B738
London LHR - Dublin B738
London LHR - Chicago B763
London LHR - San Francisco B744
London STN - Dublin B737
London STN - Liverpool B737

The woh|group aircraft will be available for download from our Aircraft Download's page shortly.

When flying online, Fly UK pilots will use the woh|group callsign and aircraft when operating WOH flights and vica versa. The callsigns and all the details can be found on our Codeshare page under Divisions > Mainstream.

In order to celebrate the new partnership, we will be holding a joint-event with woh|group on IVAO. Keep a look out for more information!

Fly UK Head of Operations, Robert Allen said, "Our new codeshare with woh|group will be an exciting project for everybody involved. I hope that it will offer members an interesting twist on our day-to-day operations and will allow you to explore new destinations in new aircraft. Notably, we are thrilled to have coverage for domestic routes within America, which we have been aiming to develop for a while. Furthermore we look forward to at least one joint event with woh|group in order to get together in one large gathering and have a great event."

--- ENDS ---

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Fly UK Virtual Airways - www.flyuk.aero
Robert Allen - Head of Operations

woh|group virtual airline - www.fly-woh.com
Florian Brunner - CEO & Head of Operations
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