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New Tour - Transatlantic Prop Hopper


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New Tour Launch - Transatlantic Prop Hopper


Fly UK is pleased to announce the launch of a brand new Class E+ tour that has been put together by UKV1452 - Thomas Agnew.

The new tour, Transatlantic Prop Hopper will take you from our ATR base in Southampton to Teterboro Airport in New Jersey, as part of a 6 leg route, visiting some interesting airports along the way. Keeping with a regional airport theme throughout; Teterboro Airport is the main reliever airfield outside of the ‘Big Three’ (JFK, Newark and La Guardia). Of course, we recommend that you take up the challenge of flying the route in the ATR 72-500, but jet aircraft will also be allowed.

Many commented that with the Christmas holidays coming up, they would have a lot of spare time in and around the big days. With that in mind, take your family to see Santa in Iceland and then see in the New Year in the city that never sleeps. Remember to bring your sleeping bags for the sleepover in Greenland!


Eligible Aircraft:
Obviously with the name of the tour, we recommend that you fly the tour flying a prop, so the ATR 72-500. Although, it would be unfair of us to expect everybody to fly a particular aircraft. Therefore, we have added a few more aircraft that you would not normally see making an Atlantic crossing:
  • A320-232, B737-800, B737-700, F-100, and the ERJ-170.

Tour Award:
Any members that complete all 6 legs will be awarded the Transatlantic Prop Hopper award!


Online Event Legs (if flying this tour as part of the organised event):
The tour will be flown as part of an online event starting on the 22nd of December. You can view all of the legs below.

22nd Dec | Southampton – Aberdeen
Depart 19:30z (19:30 local) | IVAO

23rd Dec | Aberdeen – Keflavik
Depart 13:00z (13:00 local) | IVAO

27th Dec | Keflavik – Narsarsuaq
Depart 11:00z (11:00 local) | IVAO

28th Dec | Narsarsuaq – Goose Bay
Depart 15:00z (12:00 local) | VATSIM

29th Dec | Goose Bay – Halifax
Depart 18:00z (14:00 local) | VATSIM

31st Dec | Halifax – Teterboro
Depart 19:00z (15:00 local) | VATSIM

You do not need to fly this tour as part of the organised event. The tour will be available to fly in your own time via the normal tours system. We are trying to organise ATC coverage for some of the event, but full coverage is unlikely.
If you are planning to fly the tour whilst participating in this event, please reply to the event post so we have an idea of attendance numbers.

Enjoy. Happy Flying!

--- ENDS ---

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Ross Queripel - TA Instructor

UKV1452 - Thomas Agnew - Fly UK Pilot
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