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Latest News & Updates for Members - January

UKV1121 - Chris Sutcliffe

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Dear Members,


We hope that everybody has had an enjoyable festive season, and a fantastic start into the New Year.


We have achieved so much in 2010. The highlight has no doubt been releasing SkyTrack - our Flight Tracking & Logging software. The release has gone very well, and we look forward to developing this further in the future to increase it's capabilities. We are happy to see a great up-take by members who are using SkyTrack, making filing PIREPs much easier!


We have held many successful and varied events throughout the year, released most of our detailed training documents & overhauled our training academy making it more efficient and effective for pilots new to flight simulation to learn from scratch.


In terms of our fleet, we have reviewed every download for FS9 to ensure it is of a high standard and have made them all complete, self-install packages. We are now working our way rapidly through our FSX downloads to ensure we maintain our position of offering premium packages to all our members. We now have a compete IVAO MTL and well in progress to launch a VATSIM livery pack.


Remember, we are always happy to hear from members on our Community Forums or via email (ceo.team[at]flyuk.aero)


We held a few Real World Events last year; it is always great to meet our members. We looking forward to hopefully meeting many more of you this year.


These are only some of the developments we have made last year and barely touch the surface. We wouldn't have achieved any of this without such a dedicated member base and staff team - so thank you to everybody.


2011 has already been very busy at Fly UK, more people are flying with UKV than ever before and we've already released a number of exciting new things to help kick start your new year! Here is a summary of all our latest news and events.


Summary for December:


Looking back at December, we had 434 unique pilots who flew with a UKV callsign and filed a combined total of 2610 PIREPs. We received 1189 mainstream PIREPs, 118 codeshare PIREPs, 705 tour PIREPs, 150 flying club PIREPs and 48 FSP PIREPs. 18 pilots completed tours in December.





- 'Like us' on Facebook... Our new page!




We have created a new page for Fly UK on Facebook! We did have a group on there before but our new page allows us to do a lot more. If you were previously a member of the old group please note that it will no longer be updated.


Get yourself over to our new page and hit the 'Like' button!


Visit the new Fly UK Facebook page



- Hit the slopes...! Winter Ski Flights




Fly UK are pleased to launch our new winter ski flights which will run from 10th January until 1st May. The new programme sees the return of the A330-200 and includes flights from several of our bases as well as Newcastle, Birmingham and Glasgow to winter ski destinations including Geneva, Chambery, Innsbruck, Salzburg and of course Calgary and Vancouver in Canada.


See press release for full information...



- New IVAO 2011 Tours Added




Class A+ Fly UK pilots now have a choice of 2 new tours to fly! We have added the 2011 IVAO IFR World Tour and the IVAO Long Haul World Tour to the Fly UK tours system.


See press release for full information...



- New Fly UK Online Nights - Let's Fly!




2011 online events got off to a great start last Friday which saw the first Fly UK online night take place. We had a great flight from Heathrow to Frankfurt!


The events are multi-network, meaning everybody can join in the fun, whether it's on IVAO, VATSIM or our FSD server. The aim of these Online Nights at Fly UK, is simply to get everybody online completing the same flight simultaneously; to have fun!


- Amsterdam - Kastrup - Sat 15th Jan

- Innsbruck - Athens - Wed 19th Jan

- Stockholm - Berlin - Sat 29th Jan


See press release for full information...



- Early Morning IVAO Weekly Group Flights


In addition to our new online nights we do of course have our early morning weekly group flights as normal.


- Leg 1: Cluj to Giarmata, Leg 2: Giarmata to Budapest, Leg 3: Budapest to Lviv - Sat 15th Jan

- Lviv to Simferopol - Sat 22nd Jan

- Simferopol to Kiev - Sat 29th Jan



- New FS2004/FSX Repaints




Our new aircraft repainter UKV1145 - Steve Trueman has been very busy working on a variety of new repaints. Repaints for the following aircraft are now available on our downloads page:


Default FSX B744 & B738-WL, feelThere/Wilco EMB-170 (FS2004/FSX), Captain Sim B752F/B752-WL (FS2004), Quality Wings B752F/B752-WL (FS2004).


FSX textures for the Captain Sim B752F/B752-WL and Quality Wings B752F/B752-WL have been done but we are having problems getting the textures to work on different peoples computers. As soon as we have resolved these problems and the downloads are ready for release we will let you know.


UKV1592 - Chris Jones is also working on a Union Spirit repaint for the feelThere/Wilco A330-200 (FS2004/FSX) as the 2 A330 aircraft are now staying in the fleet.


Repaints for the iFly B737-700/800 also in progress.



- Codeshare - American Sun Flights




Our codeshare agreement with woh|group started with American Sun flights to/from New York. The second part of the ageement includes Arabian Sun flights to/from Abu Dhabi.


Flights to Kazakhstan, Colombo, Karachi, Khartoum and Tehran from Abu Dhabi, operated under the 'Arabian Sun' division of woh|group, are now available to Fly UK Pilots to book and fly.


Arabian Sun aircraft can be downloaded from the downloads page.


See NOTAM for further information...



- Staff Team Changes


UKV1838 - Liam Mulryan has joined the team as a graphics designer. UKV1145 - Steve Trueman has joined the team as an aircraft repainter. UKV1671 - Wygene Chong has moved to an advisory role due to real world exams/studying. We wish Liam and Steve the best of luck in their new positions and we wish Wygene all the best with his studies.



- Pilot Signatures & Avatars


Our new graphics designer Liam has given our dynamic pilot signatures and avatars a fresh new look for 2011! The dynamic pilot signatures also now automatically change to show your departure/arrival airport when you're flying and using SkyTrack.


Have a look at the 'Signatures' page under the 'Crew Centre' menu.



- Transatlantic Prop Hopper Tour


December 2010 saw the launch of a brand new Class E+ tour, put together by UKV1452 - Thomas Agnew.


The new tour, Transatlantic Prop Hopper takes you from our ATR base in Southampton to Teterboro Airport in New Jersey, as part of a 6 leg route, visiting some interesting airports along the way. Keeping with a regional airport theme throughout; Teterboro Airport is the main reliever airfield outside of the ‘Big Three’ (JFK, Newark and La Guardia). Of course, we recommend that you take up the challenge of flying the route in the ATR 72-500, but jet aircraft are also allowed.


See press release for full information...



- New Quick Dispatch Feature


Access the flight dispatch pages of your booked flights even quicker with our new quick dispatch feature. You can find it on the right side bar of our website. Simply select your booked flight from the drop down box and you will be taken direct to the flight dispatch page.



- Other Website Updates


We've made a couple of changes to the main website menu. The Corporate menu has been renamed About Us. The Operations and Divisions menus have been merged. Online Flying & Events is now included on the main menu. The Pilot Handbook/SOP and Downloads can now be found under the Crew Centre menu. We have also updated the main website banner images and added Google maps to the flight dispatch and event information pages.



--- ENDS ---


For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us:


The CEO Team - Chris Sutcliffe, Jeffrey Shen and Tom Hurrell

Email: ceo.team[at]flyuk.aero

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