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F1 Motorsports Logistic Flights


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F1 Logistic Flights Announcement


As we have done in the past, this year Fly UK will once again be following the Formula 1 season with our motorsports logistics flights.

We will provide a full flight schedule which follows the season from March to December using a combination of our specially repainted MD11F (G-FLEG) and 747F (G-FLEC) dedicated to F1 Logistics. We will also use one of our 752Fs (G-FLED) to operate the shorter European legs. Please see below for links to download these aircraft.


An outline of the full flight schedule can be viewed as a PDF file here.

A full, detailed schedule with booking links can be found on our Ad Hoc flights page here. From there you can book the flights, and therefore view the full flight dispatch page which will include routes, FL's, weather and all the usual details. They will also appear on our search and book flights page if you search for Ad Hoc flights.

Please note that due to the extended use of G-FLEC for these logistics flights, we will be running a reduced cargo schedule to the following destinations between 5th March - 5th April, 30th May - 23rd June & 12th September - 9th December:

Atlanta, Mexico City, Quito, Guayaquil, Miami, Buenos Aries, Lima, San Juan & Singapore.

Some of these destinations will still be available using other aircraft.

Tom Hurrell, Assistant CEO says, "We really hope that having an interesting series of flights like this, with a specific purpose, adds a level of enjoyment to your flights. It's important to try new flying away from the standard routes, and this is certainly a great opportunity. We will hold a big group event during the European legs at one point, so we can all enjoy flying them together. Whether you prefer the longer legs, the shorter hops or will follow the flights all the way, there is something for everybody with these flights! Please feel free to discuss legs & post your screenshots in a special topic on our community forums."


Motorsports Logistics Aircraft Downloads:

B752F - FS2004/FSX - Freeware
B744F - FS2004/FSX - Freeware
MD11F - FS2004/FSX - Freeware
*Please note the MD11F freeware for FSX links to a model only. It isn't yet available in the Fly UK livery - however it will be very shortly.

B752F - FS2004 - PSS Payware Textures
B752F - FS2004/FSX - Captain Sim Payware Textures
B752F - FS2004/FSX - Quality Wings Payware Textures

B744F - FS2004/FSX - Motorsports Logisitcs PMDG Payware Textures

MD11F - FS2004/FSX - Motorsports Logisitcs PMDG Payware Textures

--- ENDS ---

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Head of Operations - Robert Allen

Operations Manager - Thomas Agnew

Fleet Repainter - Chris Jones
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