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John Brown Memorial Flight

UKV1212 - Adam Hillier

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John Brown Memorial Flight | Heathrow/Leeds | Any-time, Any Place, Any Network | Tuesday 5th July


In memory of John Brown, we have decided to hold a memorial flight on Tuesday 5th July. We will be shuttling between Heathrow (EGLL) and Leeds Bradford (EGNM). The idea of this flight is that it will be available all day; and can flown by any member at any time, either online or off-line in any aircraft. Whether you wish to fly on your own or as part of a group; we would very much like to see as many people partake in this as possible, this way we can all pay our respects to John.

For people wishing to fly online, we will be trying our best to arrange some ATC for you for some parts of the day.

This specific flight can only be flown on the day, so let's light up Skytrack with as many people flying this route as possible. We very much look forward to seeing you there on the 5th.

For further information and booking for this event, please see Here.

--- ENDS ---

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us:

IVAO Online Events - Derek Butterworth
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Great to see this up, I will be flying with Derek UKV1197 at 6z and will also fly again at 18-19z both on IVAO, any company would be appreciated.







Look down John you'll see us.

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Had a good flight in John's memory this morning. Myself, Derek 1197 and Brian 1209 completed the flight on IVAO starting at 06z.


Hope the rest of you enjoy the flight today.


Best regards


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Hi All


booked on the all day event were








Total = 45



Totals pireps filed for the event 43 update 6/7/11 only 2 were unable to fly



This is a great effort, well done on the turnout, John and his family should be proud he has this support from Fly UK

I am sure this is a new Fly UK record for an event.





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Here are all that flew yesterday on the memorial flight EGLL to EGNM


Fly UK Multiplayer:

UKV1130 - George Shepherd

UKV1160 - Stephen Emery

UKV1238 - Brian Hudson

UKV1343 - Darren Chadwick

UKV1464 - Steve Birchall

UKV1611 - Michael Barralet

UKV1625 - Graham Hammill

UKV1670 - James Reygan



UKV1145 - Stephen Trueman

UKV1150 - Simon Mallick

UKV1180 - Frederick Fleuren

UKV1194 - Martyn Pearson

UKV1198 - Mike Bowers

UKV1243 - Geoff Roberts

UKV1247 - Doug Bordelon

UKV1284 - Allan Walls

UKV1321 - Richard Tolhurst

UKV1329 - Steve Mitchell

UKV1333 - Mark Stockan

UKV1401 - Robert Orr

UKV1546 - Mark Lory

UKV1595 - Donald Brookes

UKV1597 - Derek Anniwell

UKV1615 - Mark Fitzgerald

UKV1897 - Mike Dunn

UKV2037 - Alwyn Boulby



UKV1155 - Allan Hook

UKV1172 - Hesam Imani

UKV1197 - Derek Butterworth

UKV1209 - Brian Fowler

UKV1212 - Adam Hillier

UKV1213 - Henry Hill

UKV1215 - Richard Barkus

UKV1239 - Rayan Kaihani

UKV1390 - Pete Gill

UKV1530 - Kevin Carter

UKV1557 - Howard Walker

UKV1586 - Carl Chamberlain



UKV1281 - Joaquin Blanco

UKV1370 - Svilen Vassilev

UKV1469 - Karl Memphis

UKV1486 - Roy Jameson

UKV1847 - Chris Bratt

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