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Mediterranean Explorer 2011


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Mediterranean Explorer 2011


We're excited to announce full details of our VATSIM events tour for 2011: Mediterranean Explorer (or MedEx 2011 for short). This tour will comprise of 26 events, taking pilots on a journey around the Mediterranean Sea, long a popular destination for tourists. Take in the famous beaches of the French Riviera. Soak up some sun in the Spanish ports of the west. Visit the UK's military base at Gibraltar. Glide over the glittering islands of Greece. Immerse yourself in the delightful old-world atmosphere of Italy. Get involved in all things exotic in Eastern Europe and North Africa. All these experiences and more await you on MedEx 2011.

Schedule of Events
Sat 13th Aug - 10:30z - 18:00z - London, UK to Venice, Italy
Tues 16th Aug - 19:00z - Venice, Italy to Athens, Greece
Fri 19th Aug - 19:00z - Athens, Greece to Istanbul, Turkey
Sun 21st Aug - 10:30z - 19:00z - Istanbul, Turkey to Nicosia, Cyprus
Wed 24th Aug - 19:00z - Nicosia, Cyprus to Cairo, Egypt

Sat 3rd Sep - 09:00z - 17:00z - Cairo, Egypt to Valletta, Malta
Sat 10th Sep - 10:30z - 19:00z - Valletta, Malta to Palermo, Italy
Thurs 15th Sep - 19:00z - Palermo, Italy to Naples, Italy
Sun 25th Sep - 10:30z - 19:00z - Naples, Italy to Marseille, France

Mon 3rd Oct - 19:00z - Marseille, France to Barcelona, Spain
Sat 8th Oct - 10:30z - 19:00z - Barcelona, Spain to Gibraltar, UK (territory)
Fri 14th Oct - 19:00z - Gibraltar, UK to Palma de Mallorca, Spain
Sun 30th Oct - 19:00z - Palma de Mallorca, Spain to Rome, Italy

Sun 6th Nov - 10:30z - 19:00z - Rome, Italy to Monaco
Wed 9th Nov - 19:00z - Monaco to Zurich, Switzerland
Sun 20th Nov - 10:30z - 19:00z - Zurich, Switzerland to Brest, France

Sun 4th December - 10:30z - 19:00z - Brest, France to Southampton, UK


Mediterranean Diamond - 15 flights
Mediterranean Sapphire - 7 flights
Mediterranean Ruby - 3 flights

We welcome both new and experienced pilots to these events. For those new to online flying, these events are perfect for you to get involved in Fly UK's busy events programme. They are also a chance for you to meet other pilots in our tight-knit community and to fly under air traffic control in large groups. Of course for our experienced pilots, many of you have been eagerly waiting for this tour since last year's Northern Skies finished. Well, the wait is now over. Dust off your favourite event aircraft and prepare to take to the skies for Mediterranean Explorer 2011!

--- ENDS ---

Wygene Chong - VATSIM Online Operations (Acting)
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