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Fly UK Development Update


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Dearest pilots,


As you may have noticed over the last six to eight weeks there has been an air of inactivity about Fly UK. While this can be attributed to the summer holidays, we find ourselves in an unfortunate human resource predicament.


Our CEO, Chris Sutcliffe started a new job at the beginning of this summer with the holiday branch of Jet2 and our vice-CEO has returned to his native Hong Kong for the summer. This, coupled, with an aging website data system has meant that many of the staff have been unable to complete the day-to-day tasks required for keeping the airline running. For example, in my capacity in operations, I am only able to do a little work with relation to the routing of flights and nothing more and even then this is only through a temporary 'patch' solution.


Because of this snowballing situation, Chris has taken the decision to relaunch the website in the fourth quarter of this year. Construction has already begun on the new site by Johnathan Barrett from Web & Systems and is expected to be ready for launch by the end of the year at the latest. It is expected to be much more flexible for both pilots and staff with features more in line with a modern company.


From my point of view as the Head of Operations, I have just completed a system-wide Operational Review (OR2012) which will involve completely revamped timetables and destinations for this winter and summer 2012. This review, which was scheduled to have been completed by the first quarter of this year, also details a master plan for the fleet as far as 2015 - I am pleased to announce that a date for the first 787 has been set. I am keen to point out that the wish-list HAS been incorporated into this plan and will be set in motion for the relaunch. OR2012 will be released within the next two weeks as I'm currently typing this up in a PDF document.


A review is also being carried out of the online networks department. Events such as New Pilots Day's, themed events and regular VFR flights are planned to be introduced. We are also planning to increase our partnership with both VATSIM and IVAO.


There will also be changes in the training system. A seniority/type-rating system is hoped to be introduced and on feedback from controller we hope to introduce training in conjunction with IVAO UK to improve competency of pilots, as well as continuing our VATSIM ATO support for the P1 Rating.


On behalf of the Fly UK Staff Team.


Thomas Agnew - Head of Operations

Joseph Wailes - Head of Online Operations


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