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MedEx 2011 Wrap-up


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MedEx 2011 Wrap-up


Mediterranean Explorer was the 2011 VATSIM events tour. Its envisaged span covered the entire Mediterranean, from its sun-baked western shores, to the more exotic lands in the east. Unfortunately, due to heavy commitments, the Department of Online Operations was unable to continue with the tour and unofficially terminated it in early November. We are sincerely sorry for this, especially to the pilots who had flown in nearly all the preceding events.

In this press release, we acknowledge those pilots who flew during the tour. As the tour never completed, the original awards have been adjusted to ensure a fair distribution of awards. Below you can find the full ranking:

Mediterranean Diamond

UKV1588 Graham Woodley - 14 flights
UKV1347 Leslie Thelwell - 12 flights

Mediterranean Sapphire

UKV1426 Joseph Wailes - 7 flights
UKV1217 Leo Malagar - 5 flights
UKV1775 Simon Carlon - 3 flights

Mediterranean Ruby

UKV1163 Nicolas Abdelnour - 1 flight
UKV1337 Hussein Elmelity - 1 flight
UKV1418 Callum Cunningham - 1 flight
UKV1589 David Thompson - 1 flight
UKV1635 Ozgur Karatas - 1 flight
UKV1641 Nurhan Haluk - 1 flight
UKV1671 Wygene Chong - 1 flight

Congratulations to all these pilots and particularly Graham and Leslie, who flew in nearly every event! We hope you will enjoy the shiny new awards!

Again, we offer our sincere apologies for the termination of the tour, especially since there was no warning nor notice after its termination. We are pleased to say that a line-up of excellent events is in planning for 2012. Meanwhile, we hope to see many of you flying the London Gatwick to Rovaniemi Christmas event:

Christmas Event Page

A Merry Christmas from Online Operations (VATSIM)

--- ENDS ---

Joseph Wailes - Head of Online Operations

Wygene Chong - Marketing and Communications / Online Operations
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