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Happy New Year from Fly UK!


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Happy New Year from Fly UK!


2011 has been a tumultuous year, with many highs and lows. But above all, it has been a year in which Fly UK has grown, despite a difficult summer period, bringing our total number of pilots to over 670. Our dedicated staff team has worked hard all year long to keep this great VA afloat and expanding. For the first time, you can hear from each department about their work. We wish you all a very Happy New Year!

Chris (CEO) and Jeff (Vice CEO)

After the period of inactivity due to known staff and system issues the department is slowly getting back on its feet towards the end of this year. In response to the wish list which ran earlier this year, a trial operation at London City is planned for launch soon. Initially we will operate with Embraer 170s which will be based from Leeds Bradford. If the trial proves to be popular, additional Embraer 190s will be acquired to operate on these routes. November saw the introduction of new Embraer E-190LR aircraft into the regional fleet. These aircraft have replaced older models at Southampton and smaller variants at Leeds. Boeing’s 787-8 aircraft which has been subject to huge delays in manufacturing is being tentatively planned for delivery next year. Originally the 787 was to be a mid-term replacement for the 767 and A330 fleets however with the 767 refurbishment going ahead and the harsh conditions facing the aviation industry, the current orders will instead be used partially to replace 757's and others to launch new long haul routes. An agreement was reached with our codeshare partner World of Holiday for the purchase of two Boeing 747-400 aircraft. These aircraft are almost identical to the rest of our B744 fleet at present and are anticipated to be used to launch new long haul routes next year. They are expected to be delivered in January 2012.

Tom (COO), John and Rob

Human Resources
My job is to make sure that everything runs smoothly for the members. This can entail reminding people of their passwords, making sure that they file their PIREPs correctly and validating the forum applications. In particular, one thing that has turned up over and over again this year is accidental deletion. Please download and keep the provided backup of your logbook to ensure your account can be reinstated if this happens. You may be enjoying flying with Fly UK but have you joined our forum? This is a very active part of Fly UK and there is a wealth of information there. Any questions you have will be sure to be answered by someone and we always like to hear from members. Why not come and have a look? Finally our new piece of software SkyTrack has been well received by the majority of our members this year.

Any problems about your membership, please let me know. I'm here to help. Best wishes,


Online Operations
Online Ops has had a good year, with our total number of events exceeding 80! Our most popular events continue to be the IVAO Weekly Events, stemming from the dedicated work of Derek and Kevin who have created and run 45 events over the course of the year. With this series alone, they believe over 500 pireps have been filed, continuing to cement Fly UK as IVAO's No. 1 airline. On VATSIM we ran a series of events coinciding with major VATSIM events throughout the year. The highlight was Openskies UK 2011, which saw us join over 1000 pilots from around the world in a phenomenal attempt to recreate the real world skies of Britain.

Thanks to all for supporting us and a Happy New Year!

Joe (HoD), Derek, Kevin, Carl and Wygene

Flying Club
2011 has been a busy year for the Flying Club. Trevor Darley stepped down as Flying Club manager in April to pursue "other interests". These turned out to be working towards his real world PPL(H) which he duly completed. Congratulations to him and many thanks from all of us in the Flying Club for setting it on such a good footing. During the year we've revamped the fleet to include versions of fixed-wing and rotary aircraft for both FSX and FS2004, as well as moving our online operations to the Fly UK FSD server, allowing access to FS2004 pilots. Our Wednesday evening informal sessions, and our monthly flights, continue to be well attended. Not least down to the efforts of our regular "non-staff" members, whose contributions remain very much appreciated (you know who you are!).

Best wishes for all in the New Year.

Brian (HoD) and Thomas.

Training Academy
It's been another busy year for the Fly UK Training Academy with a total of 420 official sessions completed. That's at least one every single day! Our most popular course for 2011 was Weather and Metars which made up 13.6% of the total. We hope you can all now understand those funny numbers in the METAR now! This year also saw 3 pilot pass our new Basic Check Flight course: Rayan Keihani, Nick Thompson and Miltiadis Dimitrios Parcharidis. Well done to these pilots! As for the VATSIM P1 Rating, we awarded 12 pilots this year with the rating, which modifies their official VATSIM profile. Congratulations!

We hope next year will be just as busy and look forward to teaching you all in the New Year.

George, Adam, Pete, Dave, Lee and Mark

Aircraft Downloads
For those of you who don't know me, my name is Steve Trueman and I am responsible for producing quality Fly UK repaints for the ever growing selection of freeware/payware add-on aircraft in our fleet. This year I started a new project involving the re-painting of all our textures. The aim is to standardise the livery across our fleet. By this I mean making sure the same red/blue colours are used and standard aircraft manufacturer markings and registrations are included etc. When they are completed, they will be released together and will be known as 'version 5'. There will also be other slight changes, for example on our cargo aircraft. Head over to our Facebook page for a sneaky peak of the updated cargo livery! The recently released repaint for the long-awaited PMDG 737NGX sports the new livery standard. The 700 series NGX has now been released by PMDG so I will also be working on a FLY2 livery for this.

Happy New Year!


Well, what can we say here? Marketing as most of you know, is centred around writing PR's, drawing pretty pictures and generally playing with words. This year has been a difficult year for us with many staff coming and going and indeed many others filling in-between. But we got there in the end and are very pleased to present this very last PR of the year to the Fly UK community.

We look forward to keeping you informed next year; but until then, Happy New Year!

Wygene (HoD), Martyn, Liam and Leon.

--- ENDS ---

Fly UK. Enjoy Every Virtual Moment
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