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2012 Olympic Torch Tour


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2012 Olympic Torch Tour


To celebrate the 2012 London Olympics, Fly UK are pleased to announce a special tour which follows the route of the Olympic Torch.

The torch starts its journey at Lands End on the 19th of May and reaches the Olympic Stadium for the opening ceremony on the 27th of July. The tour route closely follows that of the torch itself and includes a wide variety of airports from major international hubs to small GA fields. The tour legs do not need to be flown on the same date as the torch but special mention will be made of anyone who manages to achieve this!

The tour must be completed before the 31st of December 2012.

Number of legs : 74
Total distance : 3,167nm
Aircraft : Any Flying Club

Due to the short legs and small airfields, the tour is VFR only. Full details of the tour can be found on the Flying Club tours page.

--- ENDS ---

The Marketing Department
On behalf of the Flying Club
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