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Revisions to Fly UK Tours


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Revisions to Fly UK Tours


Fly UK Virtual Airways are pleased to announce that, with the release of the revised website, we’ve had a bit of a spring clean of our tours. There should be something new here for everyone. We hope that you enjoy them.

Revisions to existing tours

• The popular Transatlantic Prop Hopper tour has been moved from Class E to Class D and renamed Atlantic Crossing. You can now fly this tour in the E-170, E-190 and the B737-700. Of course, you can still use the ATR-72 if you wish.
• The Class C Canadian tour can now be flown in an Airbus A320 as well as the B737-800. It has also been renamed to Canadian North.
• The ATP African tour has been made available to Class A pilots. It has also been renamed to African Safari.

New Tours (Mainstream)

• Class E – Iberian Sun – A new tour exclusively for the Boeing 737-700.
• Class C – A to Z – Fly from Aberdeen to Zagreb (and all the letters in between).
• Class B - Around the Pond – A circular route round the Atlantic Ocean.
• Class A - Pacific Rim – The Pacific “Ring of Fireâ€
• Class A - Holiday Destinations – A varied tour of popular places to go on holiday. Legs to be flown in a suitable Fly UK aircraft (from the ATR to the B744) at your discretion.

New Tours (IVAO)

This year’s IVAO tours. These tours can now be found on their own tab on the Tours page. If flown on IVAO these tours also qualify for the IVAO awards (pilot’s responsibility to file IVAO reports).
• Class C – 2012 World Tour North
• Class C – 2012 World Tour South
• Class A – 2012 Long Haul

New Tours (Flying Club)

• Alpine Valleys – Our favourite airfields in the Alps.
• All UK VFR – The replacement for the current “English/Welsh airfields†and “Scottish VFR†tours.
• Flying Club Ratings tours. FC(A) for SEP aircraft, FC(M) for multiengine and FC(H) for Helicopters.

Unchanged Tours

• Class E – UK Regional
• Class D – European Capitals
• Class D – Caribbean (renamed Caribbean Rhythms)
• Class C – Mediterranean (renamed Mediterranean Odyssey)
• Class B – American Dream
• Class B – Worlds Busiest Cargo Airports
• Flying Club – 2012 Olympic Torch
• Flying Club – Norwegian Wonders
• Flying Club – Pacific Northwest

Retiring Tours

The following tours will be removed from the system on 1st August 2012. Pilots wishing to complete these tours should do so by this date. Pilots should not start any of these tours.
These tours can be found on the “Retiring†tab on the Tours and Flying Club pages.

• Class E - IVAO GB Island Hopper
• Class E - Transatlantic Prophopper
• Class B - IVAO AU Across the Tasman
• Class A – IVAO World 2010
• Class A – IVAO Long Haul 2010
• Class A – IVAO World 2011
• Class A – IVAO Long Haul 2011
• Flying Club – English/Welsh Airfields
• Flying Club – Scottish VFR
• Flying Club – UK Heli

--- ENDS ---

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Fly UK Tours - Brian Hudson
Email: brian.hudson[at]flyuk.aero
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