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Fly UK gains P2 Rating Approval


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Fly UK gains P2 Rating Approval


Fly UK Virtual Airways is proud to announce the release of our VATSIM P2 Rating program, the first of its type to be released in the world. The program, which has been under development for the past 3 months, was approved by Kyle Ramsey (VATSIM Vice-President of Pilot Training) two weeks ago during an audit.

The P2 rating will add to Fly UK's existing ATO (authorised training organisation) status. The ATO program was introduced by VATSIM in 2011. It set out a system of pilot ratings (similar to ATC ratings) that rate each pilot on their flying abilities and knowledge. The ratings are awarded by a group of ATOs, of which Fly UK is part, who are made of virtual airlines, ATC divisions and other special organisations. Fly UK is currently the only ATO to offer both the P1 and P2 ratings.

Getting your rating
The P2 Rating program is fully integrated with our existing Training Academy courses. The course can be found under Online Flying courses and can be booked multiple times until all requirements are satisfied.

Pilots should have completed (or should be able to demonstrate relevant knowledge from):

I. Basic – All courses
II. Online – ATC Procedures and Phraseology
III. VATSIM – Software Setup

Pilots must have completed:
I. Basic Check Flight
II VATSIM - Getting Started - P1 Rating (or already hold a P1 rating from elsewhere).

Once all prerequisite courses have been completed, our Training Instructors will begin teaching the rest of the criteria set out by VATSIM for the P2 Rating. The material will be taught using a combination of practical and theory sessions. All these sessions are accessed by booking the same course.

What happens after?
When you have satisfied all the criteria, a Training Academy Instructor will take you for a final check flight utilising VATSIM ATC. Once you have passed the final check flight, your instructor will contact the Chief Instructor of the Fly UK ATO program to manually award your P2 Rating. This may take several days. You will receive an email (or website message) from the Chief Instructor when your rating has been processed. It will be visible on your "VATSIM Stats" account.

We hope this program will enhance our world-class Training Academy and provide further incentive for pilots to undertake training and flying with us.

For more information about Fly UK, visit our website at http://www.flyuk.aero. We look forward to welcoming you on board.

--- ENDS ---
Joseph Wailes - Chief Instructor Fly UK ATO

Chris Sutcliffe - CEO
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