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News & Notices to Members!

UKV1121 - Chris Sutcliffe

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Dear Members,


Please find below a few notices from your virtual airline - Fly UK Virtual Airways!




Fly-In On IVAO - London Heathrow to Budapest!

Saturday 19th May 2007 at 1700z (1800 BST).


Full ATC is booked for departure from the UK, many thanks to IVAO GB controllers! Please show your support for Fly UK, and take part in this event, full event PDF information and download pack including flight plans is available from the forums, events page, or your crew page! Remember any pilot can take part in this event and you can fly any aircraft regardless of your rank, however B738 is recommended for this event!


If you are planning on attending this event, please let us know by replying to the event post in our SkyHigh community forums!





As many of you will be aware, Fly UK has its own training academy which provides quality, one2one, online training in a whole variety of areas. Training is provided by our dedicated staff some of which have real world flying experience/qualifications and some of which have endless hours of flight sim experience and knowledge. Recently we have found some members have been booking training, not turning up and not informing their instructor and also people booking training, but not replying to messages from their instructor to confirm times. We have also found people to be booking training for more than 1 course at a time.


A reminder to all members:


- You must only submit 1 training request at a time. You will find it hard to be training in more than 1 area at once, training will be much more effective if you concentrate on 1 area at a time.


- When you have submitted a training request, you must remember to reply to the time and date confirmation message which you will receive from your instructor. This is very important.


- If you have booked training, and then realised you will be unable to attend the training session for whatever reason, you must make every effort to contact the instructor to inform them you will need to cancel your training session. Our instructors go out of their way, and plan what little spare time they have around helping pilots like yourself improve their flying skills. Please make sure you are not wasting their time, by booking sessions, not attending, and not telling them prior to the training session.


There has always been an automatic rule coded into the Training Academy system that if a pilot is marked as a not showing 3 times, they will not be able to book any further training sessions with the Fly UK Training Academy. No show means, a pilot has not attended a booked, accepted and confirmed session without giving notice or a pilot has not confirmed a time and date offered by an instructor and does not turn up for the session.


Be sure that you confirm all sessions, and give notice to your instructor if you will not be able to attend, otherwise you may find yourself in a situation where you will not be able to book any training with us whatsoever.





- We have released a new destination of the month (Madeira).


- Air Belgium codeshare aircraft have been updated.


- We've made changes to our Teamspeak server, all members are now required to login TS using username and password which is same as your website login details.


- All pilots under the age of 15 (which is now the required age to join Fly UK) will be contacted via email later this week to discuss their membership at Fly UK. We are happy for anyone under the age of 15 to continue flying with us providing you stay active, and that you have had a chat with the CEO on Teamspeak (or MSN if you are not on voice) by the end of May at the very latest.


- More Fly UK FSX aircraft have been released, please see the FSX aircraft section of the download centre.


- We are also happy to announce that Cargo operations should be re-launched within the next 2 weeks, and our fleet department are making good progress with FS2004 version 2 aircraft which will sport the new Fly UK titles, and have improved textures and packages.


Happy flying and have a great week!

Fly UK Staff Team

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