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Cargo Fleet Overhaul - Updated Livery

UKV1121 - Chris Sutcliffe

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Cargo Fleet Overhaul - Updated Livery


We are pleased to release new freeware packages and repaints for payware add-ons for our entire Cargo fleet. The downloads feature the new version 5 Union Spirit livery which includes updated 'Cargo' titles and a new style Motorsport Logistics livery.

Boeing 757-200PF:

- Freeware Package (FS2004/FSX)
- Captain Sim Repaint (FS2004/FSX)
- Quality Wings Repaint (FS2004/FSX)

Boeing 747-400F:

- Freeware Package (FS2004/FSX)
- PMDG Repaint (FS2004/FSX)


- Freeware Package (FS2004/FSX)
- PMDG Repaint (FS2004/FSX)

The new downloads are now available in the fleet centre. The freeware packages are auto-installers and include quality panels and sound sets. The repaints for payware add-ons are also auto-installers with a read me explaining how to complete installation.

Many thanks to our aircraft repainter UKV1145 - Steve Trueman and our aircraft downloads manager UKV1390 - Pete Gill for working on these new downloads.

As always, we appreciate any feedback, please feel free to post in the Feedback, Ideas & Suggestions section of our community forums.

--- ENDS ---

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Repaints & Downloads - Steve Trueman
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