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VATSUNDAYS - New Weekly Event


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VATSUNDAYS - New Weekly Event


The Fly UK Online Operations team are pleased to announce our new VATSIM weekly event, 'VATSUNDAYS'. The event will run every Sunday at 1800z (1900 UK local time).

To make the events more interesting we are going to introduce a points scheme. Every time a pilot flies a VATSUNDAY event they will gain one point and then at the end of the month the top pilot will receive an award. We will also run this yearly and see who is the 'VATSUNDAY Pilot of the Year'.

Each month we will have a theme which we will base that months events around. The first theme is Extreme Airports.

We fly our first flight on Sunday 6th May at 1800z. We will leave from Las Americas en-route to Princess Juliana. You can confirm your attendance on the event page.

We're counting on the support of Fly UK VATSIM pilots in order to make this event a success. We want you to be involved so please let us know your thoughts on this new event. We'll be calling on your help in planning future VATSUNDAY events. We hope to see you in the virtual skies soon!

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For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us:

VATSIM Online Operations - Joseph Wailes
Email: joseph.wailes[at]flyuk.aero
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