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New Staff Members Appointed

UKV1121 - Chris Sutcliffe

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New Staff Members Appointed

We are pleased to welcome a number of new members to the Fly UK staff team.

UKV1284 - Jordan Mctiffin - Operations Route/Data Manager
UKV1203 - Tom Boon - Operations Manager

Jordan Mctiffin and Tom Boon join Tom Agnew to form our new Operations team. Jordan will focus on managing our routes and operational data (displayed on dispatch pages/CFPs). Tom B will mainly deal with codeshare flights and ad-hoc flights as well as assisting with general operations tasks. Tom A will maintain overall responsibility for scheduling, fleet and route planning.

UKV1303 - Tom Maskell - Training Academy Instructor
UKV1269 - Tim Smith - Training Academy Instructor
UKV1464 - Steve Birchall - Training Academy Instructor
UKV1158 - Jay Collie - Training Academy Instructor
UKV1341 - Trevor Darley - Training Academy Instructor

Tom, Tim, Steve, Jay and Trevor join Pete, Dave, Lee, Carl, Joe and George in the Training Academy. Together they bring a wealth of knowledge and experience with them. All are now set-up, ready to accept your training requests and share their knowledge with you!

We hope you will join us in wishing Tom B, Jordan, Tom M, Tim, Steve, Jay and Trevor the best of luck in their new positions. You can find out more about them and their role at Fly UK by viewing their profiles on the staff team page. Staff recruitment is now closed, but remember to keep an eye on our staff vacancies page for future vacancies.

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