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New Version 2 Aircraft Downloads

UKV1121 - Chris Sutcliffe

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Fly UK are pleased to release 3 new aircraft packages as part of our 2007 fleet download package renewal program. The new version 2 packages are now available to download and include updated Union Spirit textures (new larger titles, web address on engines, manufacturer logos), aircraft checklists, auto installer and a new menu format in flight simulator, listing each aircraft under the appropriate class.

Please ensure you remember to delete any previous versions of the below aircraft before installing the new packages.


Dash8-Q400 - http://www.flyukva.com/~flyukva_staff/down...8-Q400_v2.0.zip (Includes different panel than previous version)


Embraer 170 - http://www.flyukva.com/~flyukva_staff/down...MB-170_v2.0.zip


Airbus A320-200 - http://www.flyukva.com/~flyukva_staff/down...20-200_v2.0.zip


Other Recently Updated Packages:


Fly UK-FLY2 PMDG Boeing 737-700 Winglet Textures - http://www.flyukva.com/~flyukva_staff/down...700-WL_v2.0.zip


We will continue to release further version 2 packages as and when they are completed, so check back soon for more updates, we are working as quickly as possible on this project and hope to release new packages as frequently as possible.










--- ENDS ---


For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us:


Operations Department

Email: chris.sutcliffe@flyukva.com

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