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FS9 Tips & Tricks - New Document!

UKV1121 - Chris Sutcliffe

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New Fly UK Pilot Resource Document: FS9 Tips & Tricks - Get the most from your FS9!


As part of Fly UK's continued aim to expand its range of pilot resource documents to enable pilots to further improve and expand their skills, procedures and flight simulator knowledge, we are pleased to release another new pilot resource document.


The document, available in PDF format, contains a list of things you can do to try and improve your flight simulator experience and maybe answer some of those questions you have always had. The credit for this work must go to Joerg Zeitschel from The Repaint Forum and we would like to thank him for his permission to use and reformat his information for our pilots to use at Fly UK.


Download Now: http://www.flyukva.com/~flyukva_staff/down...TRICKS_v1.0.pdf


Please note that the use of any of these tips is entirely at your own risk!

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