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Fly UK now offering IVAO Island Hopper Tour!

Guest UKV1575 -

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Guest UKV1575 -

Fly UK Virtual Airways: United Kingdom Island Hopper Piloting Skills Tour

Fly UK Virtual Airways are proud to announce to our members that we are now offering our members to fly the 'United Kingdom Island Hopper Piloting Skills Tour' ran by IVAO GB. Fly UK members are now able to fly this tour and gain Fly UK flight hours doing so.

'This is the first of a brand new type of tour, which the GB Division has developed for the IVAO community. The new "Pilot Skills" division Tour badge will be awarded to pilots successfully completing the tour, but be warned, this tour is a harder challenge than our other tours.

With the Pilot Skills tour you must be able to fly both VFR and IFR, and fly a number of different types of aircraft. It is the pilots responsibility to select and fly an aircraft that is appropriate to the leg in the real world. You will not be allowed to take advantage of badly simulated flight models, you must pick a suitable aircraft for the leg, and pick a suitable route and flight regime. Failure to do so will mean your legs will not be validated.

With this tour you will visit all of the Islands that make up the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and which have a serviceable airfield on them. No supersonic flights are permitted, however you are free to select any suitable aircraft for the legs. All charts are available at the UK AIS web site (for which we provide a free log in), and you are advised to check the Aerodrome data to determine the suitability of your aircraft before take off.'

Fly UK Conditions of Tour

1. Fly UK members will be required to forward the 'Validated Flight' emails they receive after completing each leg to Mike Higgins via ukv1342@btinternet.com (note the lowercase ukv – stipulation of ISP). You may submit a pirep for each tour leg, but it will be removed if you do not follow the above process of forwarding each validation email, so that we can verify it.

To receive your 'Validated Flight' emails, you must be logged in on the tour system on the IVAO website. You should then visit the "Update your data" page and ensure that under "Flight Report" they you have selected the option "I want to receive an e-mail after the validation".

2. All flights must be flown using Fly UK callsigns only (UKV1342 for Mike Higgins for instance).

3.The IVAO rules do not specify what aircraft must be used for each leg but an 'appropriate' plane should be used.

4. All legs should be flown with no passengers or cargo.

5. The IVAO miles will be accredited and we will limit your submitted hours to 'reasonable' - That is, we will try and judge 'unreasonable' hours based on the plane you fly and its published cruise speed.

Mike Higgins, the Fly UK Staff member running this new tour for Fly UK members commented;
'I can only say - this tour is meant to be 2 things - Fun (you get to fly several aircraft) and you demonstrate a level of skill in flying those aircraft under both VFR and IFR rules (get your VFR rules books out!!). Since you will be logging the flights on both IVAO and Fly UK you will (probably) wish to gain the IVAO Pilot Skills award as well as our own tour award. Can I point out in the IVAO information, the need to complete the tour with 5 or fewer rejections - thus it might be better to re-fly the leg if you get into difficulties and submit a PIREP for successful flights only - Good Luck -'

Any pilots who have already started the tour and who have saved their validation emails should contact Mike Higgins for advice in the next steps.

A information forum will be set up on the SkyHigh Forums detailing required information and links to scenery and charts within a few days.

--- ENDS ---
For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us:
Training Academy - Mike Higgins
Email: mike.higgins@flyukva.com

Marketing - Chris Miley
Email: chris.miley@flyukva.com
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