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Scenery Designer Vacancy

UKV1151 - Brandon Longworth

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Scenery Designer Vacancy

Fly UK management are pleased to announce the opening of a new slot within our Scenery Development department.

The ideal candidate will ideally have some experience with creating, placing, and packaging scenery, but this is not a mandatory requirement and full training can be given. There is room within the department for you to progress and expand your skills, as you will be regularly working on new projects to enhance the flying experience of the Fly UK members.
So if you think you have the artistic ability and the attention for detail to produce scenery for Fly UK, then submit your application now. Openings such as these do not come up very often, so anyone who believes they have what it takes to help out behind the scenes of one of the UK's leading virtual airlines are encouraged to get their applications in as early as possible.

All applicants will have to apply via email to brandon.longworth@flyukva.com. Applicants will be required to go through an interview with myself and a member of the human resources department.

Application closing date is Sunday 7th October 2007 at Midday. When submitting your application, please ensure you include the following information;

• Your UKV callsign
• Your Full Name
• An Email Address where you can be contacted
• Your reason for application, including any experience and why you think you would be suitable. Please
remember, that you will be given a ‘manager’ status and therefore, we are looking for honest, hard
working people, who can be fully trusted.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us and we look forward to your reply.

Human Resources, Scenery Development
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