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Are you intrigued to find out what we discuss at our weekly staff meetings? Do you want to know more about how we make decisions? How does Fly UK really work behind the scenes? Well now we are giving you the opportunity to find out!


The entire Fly UK staff team comes together on Teamspeak for a weekly meeting every Sunday at 19.30 BST, normally meetings are conducted in private in a password protected staff room, but this is all about to change!


We have changed the structure and format of our weekly meetings and are now inviting members to come along to our main meetings to listen in, and then put forward any questions, and get a direct answer from staff in a question and answer session at the end!


Here's how it works:


7.30 - Private Staff Meeting


7.45 - Main Meeting - Open to all members to listen in to


8.30 (approx) - Question & Answer Session


So at 7.30, the staff team will have a 15 minute private meeting to discuss any internal staff news & notices. At 7.45 we will move to the main meeting room channel on Teamspeak. In this channel, any Fly UK member can join the channel, but they will not be allowed to speak, only listen in. At approximately 8.30 when the main meeting is finished, members then have the chance to ask any questions they like, and get a direct answer from the staff team there and then.


Our first 'open to members' meeting will be held on Sunday 16th September 2007 at 1945 BST. We invite all members to come along and listen in to the meeting, and then put forward their points and questions after the main meeting. If you know the question you want to ask before the meeting, please email it to chris.sutcliffe@flyukva.com before Sunday so it can be added to the Q&A session Agenda, this is strongly advisable.


If the meeting on Sunday is successful we will then follow this structure for all our weekly meetings and invite members.


Its your virtual airline, so have your say and get involved! We look forward to speaking to you on Sunday...

If you have any questions/comments please email chris.sutcliffe@flyukva.com

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