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Updated Teamspeak Conduct

UKV1212 - Adam Hillier

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Teamspeak Conduct:


As of today 09/10/2007 there is now an updated 'Fly UK Teamspeak Conduct Policy.' This has been put in place to make Teamspeak a better place for all. The pilot handbook Teamspeak AUP will be edited tomorrow to include the below.




There is a 'zero tolerance' policy on racism. Fly UK is a multinational organisation, there is no place for racism here at all, and it will not be tolerated. Anyone being racist will be banned from Teamspeak instantaneously and have their pilot account deleted. There are absolutely no exceptions whatsoever.


Fly UK Bar Room:


The bar room has now been deleted.




Members are kindly asked to watch their language while connected to Teamspeak and respect other members. There should be no swearing on Teamspeak whatsoever during the day or early evening.


After 9.00 PM (local) this rule is relaxed and swearing is allowed. However, any members who are excessively swearing or who are going over the top may be quietly pulled aside by any staff member and asked to kindly watch their language and basically just calm it down. Should there be a case where any specific member(s) is causing major concern, the member(s) should be referred to a senior manager to discuss further action.


It is an individual members responsibility to ensure that if they have young children or members of their family present that they take the responsible course of action and either use a headset or leave any channel where swearing may or is occurring AFTER 9.00 PM.


For further information please do not hesitate to contact the CEO or Vice CEO directly:


Chris Sutcliffe - Fly UK CEO

Email: chris.sutcliffe@flyukva.com

Web: http://www.flyukva.com


Lee Appleby - Fly UK Vice CEO

Email: lee.appleby@flyukva.com

Web: http://www.flyukva.com

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