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IVAO Tours Reminder

Guest UKV1575 -

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Guest UKV1575 -

Hello all pilots,


The events team here at Fly UK would like to remind you of the IVAO Tours available to you as a Fly UK pilot. We are currently allowing our pilots to fly two IVAO Tours and have the hours accumulated from these tours added towards your Fly UK flight hours.


IVAO Dangerous Airports Tour


Back in July, Fly UK began to offer its pilots the chance to fly the IVAO Dangerous Airport Tour, flying to some of the most dangerous airports in the world, in a variety of aircraft. The Dangerous Airports Tour is a very popular tour for many Fly UK pilots and we fly together on a Sunday morning and Wednesday night. If you cannot fly at these times, you are still able to fly the flight on your own during the week and then log your flight hours for it.


The IVAO Dangerous Airports Tour is a brilliant opportunity to experience the challenge of flying into some of the worlds hardest and most dangerous airports in a variety of aircraft!


For further information regarding the IVAO Dangerous Tour opportunity offered by Fly UK, please see the Tour forum in the SkyHigh Forums here.


IVAO Island Hopper Tour


In September, Fly UK added a second IVAO Tour for Fly UK pilots to fly and have the hours gained from that tour added to their Fly UK ones. The IVAO United Kingdom Island Hopper Piloting Skills Tour is a tour where 'you must be able to fly both VFR and IFR, and fly a number of different types of aircraft. It is the pilots responsibility to select and fly an aircraft that is appropriate to the leg in the real world. You will not be allowed to take advantage of badly simulated flight models, you must pick a suitable aircraft for the leg, and pick a suitable route and flight regime'


The IVAO Island Hoppers Tour is the perfect chance for pilots to improve their VFR and IFR procedures aswell as fly a variety of aircraft into many different airports within the United Kingdom!


For further information regarding the IVAO Island Hopper Tour opportunity offered by Fly UK, please see the Tour forum in the SkyHigh Forums here.



We hope that you will be interested in taking part in these tours.


If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact chris.miley[at]flyukva.com


Kindest Regards,

Fly UK Events Department

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