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Welcome Back - The New flyukva.com

UKV1121 - Chris Sutcliffe

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Welcome to the new Fly UK website. We hope you enjoy using it.


We recommend all members read the following 3 announcements in order to familiarise yourself with the changes. Members are required to login to view these announcements.


> Fly UK New Website: Frequently Asked Questions - Click Here

> Fly UK New Website: Known Issues & Development - Click Here

> Important: New Forum Guidelines - Click Here


Please find below a summary of some of the changes and new features we have implemented on the new website:


- Fully revised and re-written information.

- New press and media pack.

- New performance & statistics.

- Improved staff team page.

- New support us banners/images/user bars.

- New contact us page.

- New website bug tracker.

- Improved online application process.

- Improved fleet centre.

- Completely revised & reworked crew centre.

- New booking system for flights.

- Updated pirep form.

- Improved flight manifests.

- Improved Logbook.

- Updated pilot status images.

- New who's online feature.

- Brand new community crew room.

- Updated forum skin.

- Improved my controls page.

- Improved training academy system.

- Revised pilot resource documents.

- New training videos.

- New flight sim links library.

- New PDF aircraft checklists.

- Updated website look & feel.

- New real world events page.

- New award certificates.

- New arrivals & departures boards.

- We welcome all feedback, members can post in our community forum.


--- ENDS ---


For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us:


Fly UK Senior Management

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