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Pilot Reps – Here to help you!


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At Fly UK, we believe that it is only necessary to build up a strong relationship between pilots and hence create a more active and friendly community. Following this, Fly UK has released a new scheme, in which we can offer a ‘First Contact’ for new and existing members – this is the Pilot Representative Scheme.


Our Pilot Representatives are here to help you from the start, and it is likely that you have already been contacted by your pilot representative. If you have not then do not be worried, you will be contacted soon. However, we would like to stress that it is important that you reply, failing to reply could lead to accounts being removed should the need arise.


By offering this ‘First Contact’ for members, we aim to create a first port of call for all of our pilots in which pilots will be able to direct any questions or queries directly to their Pilot Representative. This will help to reduce delays in answering these questions as Pilot Representatives are able to offer a one2one service. If the Pilot Representative is unable to help you with your question, then your query can be fielded to the correct department that will be able to help you.


The aims of our Pilot Representatives include encouraging pilots to fly online, as opposed to offline, and to introduce them to other members of the Fly UK community through the use of TeamSpeak. In addition to this, Pilot Representatives can guide you through selecting and filing PIREPs for your flights.


The Pilot Representative team consists of 23 people, both pilots and staff, who have allocated pilot numbers in which they represent. To view a full list of the Pilot Representatives and see which pilots they are representing, please click here, or select the ‘Pilot Rep Team’ option from the ‘Corporate’ tab on the main menu of the web site.


On the ‘Pilot Rep Team’ page, it is possible to contact a Pilot Representative by clicking the ‘Email Me’ option next to their name, however to make direct contact to your own personal Pilot Representative, then you can do this by clicking here, or select the ‘My Pilot Representative’ option from the ‘Crew Centre’ tab on the main menu of the web site.


All of our Pilot Representatives can be easily identified in our Highflyer forums as each representative has a specially designed signature image, displaying contact details for that representative including their email address and MSN address.


Brandon Longworth, Senior Manager of the Human Resources Department whom manage the Pilot Representative Team comments, “The Pilot Representative scheme is as far as we know, a first for the VA community, being a definitive way for some of our more experienced pilots, who wish to pass on their knowledge, and help Fly UK become a more personal and caring virtual airline. We urge all pilot’s to contact their Pilot Representative and ask them any questions or to request help”


--- ENDS ---


For further information, please do not hesitate to contact a manager of the Human Resources department:


Brandon Longworth

Fly UK Virtual Airways – Senior Manager

Human Resources Department

Email: brandon.longworth@flyukva.com


Allan Hook

Fly UK Virtual Airways – Manager

Human Resources Department

Email: allan.hook@flyukva.com

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