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Skyways Magazine Editorial Team Member Vacancies

Guest UKV1575 -

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Guest UKV1575 -

Fly UK Virtual Airways: Skyways Magazine Editorial Team Member Vacancies

Fly UK Virtual Airways are pleased to announce new non-staff team positions have now become available for pilots to apply for.

Position: Skyways Magazine Editorial Team Member
Closing Date: Monday 31st March

In this position, you will be responsible for aiding in the publication of Skyways; Fly UK's In-Flight Magazine. You will be required to create interesting articles regarding Fly UK, events happening at Fly UK, the Fly UK fleet etc.

This is a non-staff position, however members of the ‘Skyways Editorial Team' will be provided with a '@flyukva.com' email address and will also be eligible for various pilot awards for helping to create the magazine.

Members of the ‘Skyways Editorial Team’ will be required to attend various meetings to discuss the publication of the magazine and will need to be able to work to a deadline, as the magazine has target dates by which it must be published by.

Furthermore, members of the Skyways Editorial team will also be required to use programmes such as Photoshop (or other image editing program) as well as Microsoft Publisher and Word, to create the articles for the magazine. It will therefore be a benefit to any applicants, if they can use these programmes proficiently. It is also imperative that applicants have a good knowledge of the English language including spelling, punctuation and grammar as is necessary for this position.

To Apply For This Position:
Send an email application to: chris.miley[at]flyukva.com

Please include your name, UKV number (if applicable) and why you wish to apply for this position. All candidates will be invited onto TeamSpeak for an informal interview after the initial application has been received.

We aim to inform all candidates of the outcome by Wednesday 2nd April.

We wish all candidates the best of luck,

--- ENDS ---
For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us:
Marketing Department - Chris Miley
Email: chris.miley[at]flyukva.com
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