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Style Brings New Life

UKV1121 - Chris Sutcliffe

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Style brings new life...


Fly UK, one of the UK's leading VA's and flyuno.com, Europe's premier low cost VA are pleased to announce the launch of phase one of our brand new community concept - the highflyer club, the stylish new brand bringing new life to our communities!


The highflyer club is the new branding for Fly UK and flyuno.com joint community features such as forums, a new points scheme and other exciting features coming soon. The aim is to bring the communities of both Fly UK and flyuno.com under one brand and place, rather than having separate forums, galleries and features for each VA etc.


Phase one of the new highflyer concept is the launch of our brand new community forums called the highflyer forums!


The new highflyer forums will replace the existing Fly UK community forums, and the existing flyuno.com member forum.


All members will need to register on the new highflyer forums!


Make sure you register on the new highflyer forums asap as the old forums will be closed as of tomorrow evening (Sat 16 Dec).


Unfortunately we have been unable to move the thousands of posts in our existing forums to the new highflyer forums. This will therefore mean we will loose everything in our existing forums. We have copied over various important posts which we do not want to loose, if there is anything you want to get from the existing forums, make sure you do before they are closed. Although we are loosing the posts, we have needed a new forum for a considerable amount of time now, as there have been issues with the existing forums with modules that we have installed that have not worked, sometimes the forums were loading very slow and a number of other issues. Now we have a clean forum, a new start and a fresh, modern new look!


We hope we can count on your support in ensuring our new forums remain as active and interesting as our existing ones. We'll be counting on all members to be starting as many new topics / poll's etc. as possible to get the new forums well underway and active!


The highflyer forums are the latest version of the invision power board which we use here at Fly UK and flyuno.com, so you should also see a number of new features and upgrades within the forum operation itself!


As mentioned above, the forums are only one aspect of the highflyer club, in 2007 we'll be introducing a new points discount scheme for pilots as well as a number of other joint community features.


For now, we hope you enjoy the new forums - get posting!

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