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flyuk.aero - Fly UK's new online home!

UKV1121 - Chris Sutcliffe

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flyuk.aero - Fly UK's new online home!


Due to the recent problems with our domains, we have decided to bring the planned Fly UK move to a .aero domain forward by a few months.


With immediate effect, flyuk.aero is our official new domain. We understand that we only moved to flyukva.co.uk a few days ago, however this move was just a temporary, quick fix solution due to the problems that we experienced with our .com domain. The flyukva.co.uk domain will continue to work but will forward to flyuk.aero which is now our primary domain and will be used on all documents, aircraft and marketing material.


Please update your bookmarks to: http://www.flyuk.aero


.aero is a new domain extension reserved specifically for aviation related organisations. Fly UK is proud to be the first UK virtual airline making use of this domain, and one of the first in the virtual aviation industry as a whole.


We will be counting on the support of our members and partners in the virtual aviation community to spread the word of our domain change to flyuk.aero. Please pass this information around to as many people as possible so everyone is clear we are no longer accessible via flyukva.com


How will this domain change effect me?


Once you have updated your bookmarks/favourites to point to the new domain (or memorised it!) the change will not really affect your day to day use of our website. You will still see the same website, systems and functions - just a new URL in the address bar of your browser.


FsPassenger Users:


All pilots who export pireps to Fly UK using FsPassengers need to download a new FsP config file. If you continue to use your existing config file, your pireps will not export as your config file will be incorrectly pointing to flyukva.com or flyukva.co.uk. New config files can be downloaded via the the 'My Controls' page:




Information on where to place your config file can be obtained here:




If you do not wish to download a new config file, then you will need to edit the URL in your existing config file to point to flyuk.aero instead of flyukva.com or flyukva.co.uk

Fly UK In-Flight Services (IFS):

All pilots using the Fly UK In-Flight Services Kneeboard will need to download and install the new file to access this service. Simply run the auto install file and this will update your kneeboard file to point to the correct domain:


http://www.flyuk.aero/~flyuk_downloads/oth...eboard_v3.0.zip (FS2004 ONLY)


Our web and systems team have worked to ensure all websites & systems are up and running, however if you do find any problems, please report them via the forum Bug Tracker: http://www.flyuk.aero/en/forums/index.php?autocom=tracker


What happened to flyukva.com?


On Wednesday 21st May 2008 at approximately 22.00 Zulu our website went down. This was due to a major problem with the domain flyukva.com. The problems were a result of an American company where we registered the domain many years ago, basically going bust amongst a whole number of other problems. There are thousands of clients in the same position as us, who are unable to do anything with their domains, and are currently taking legal action against the company. For Fly UK, as a non profit organisation, rather than spend months in a legal dispute, we have had no option but to move to a new domain. This is not ideal (bearing in mind all links on the internet about Fly UK point to the .com domain) however it is our only option. Fly UK had planned to move to a .aero domain later in 2008, however due to these problems, we have brought the move forward - welcome to flyuk.aero!


Kind Regards,


Chris Sutcliffe & Tom Thake

On behalf of Fly UK VA Staff Team

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