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Fly UK: Increased Online Acivity!

UKV1121 - Chris Sutcliffe

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Fly UK: Increased Online Acivity!




Throughout June, our operations team are closely monitoring Fly UK activity online on IVAO, VATSIM and our own FSD multiplayer server. So far, we have been very impressed to see so many of you 'flying the flag' for Fly UK online. We want to make sure every online division has heard of UKV, and that when they see or think UKV, they think of a realistic, enjoyable, professional VA with pilots who know what they are doing!

Between Monday 02 June and Friday 06 June (afternoon) we have had 79 online prieps submitted, and a total of 33 different UKV pilots flying online. Please see below for details of who's been flying online this week.

We would like to thank all pilots and we hope this increased activity on the online networks will continue to confirm our position of one of the UK's leading and most active online virtual airlines!


UKV1240 John Brown
UKV1953 Lubomir Slavka
UKV1213 Henry Hill
UKV1215 Richard Barkus
UKV1585 Anthony Sadler
UKV1704 Luigi Cilea
UKV1508 Nick Sali
UKV1434 Nathan Aspinall
UKV1530 Kevin Carter
UKV1197 Derek Butterworth
UKV1384 Robert Hiemstra
UKV1494 Colin Lock
UKV1161 Carl Richards
UKV1293 Steven Owen
UKV1369 Robert Allen
UKV1160 Colin Wilding
UKV1569 Paul Handslip
UKV1342 Mike Higgins
UKV1247 Robert Saies
UKV1946 Michal Demko
UKV1155 Allan Hook
UKV1174 Jeffrey Shen
UKV1675 Chris Spencer


UKV1456 Mark Westwood
UKV1348 Frans Zantbeek
UKV1254 Andrew Wiggins
UKV1316 Howard Brennan
UKV1675 Chris Spencer
UKV1888 Matthew Charman
UKV1335 Lee Brown
UKV1648 Ian Arbuckle
UKV1456 Mark Westwood
UKV1247 Robert Saies


UKV1130 George Shepherd
UKV1596 Mikey Taylor
UKV1872 Bailey Hall

Data based on website pireps submitted between Mon 02 June and Friday 06 June approx 12.40.
For more information on flying online at Fly UK - click here.

--- ENDS ---
For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Chris Sutcliffe
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