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Training Academy: New Online Checkride Award


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New Online Checkride

IVAO/VATSIM Proficiency Test

What does it involve?
The Online Flying Checkride Award will be given on completion of our Online Checkride.


The Online Checkride will be taken during a one to one session with a training manager. Members will be asked to carry out a online flight, under Air Traffic Control either on IVAO or VATSIM. Pilots will be expected to carry out some of the following simple procedures to a reasonable standard:

- Filing a correct Flight Plan
- Using a sensible Route & show an ability to follow assigned SIDS/STARS
- Correct Use Of Charts
- Demonstrate a reasonable standard of phraseology when communicating with ATC
- Knowledge of the simple VFR traffic pattern

This may sound slightly daunting - however we are here to help! Training is of course available on all these aspects of the checkride. For more details on our training schemes to help you acheive the above procedures please visit: http://www.flyuk.aero/en/index.php?page=my_training_acad

Before the checkride, a member of the training academy will talk you through the process.
After you flight, the training manager will give you feedback about your flight. If he feels you would be perfectly comfortable in an online situation, the manager will complete the session by giving you the award. Should there be any small points that you didn't do quite right, the manager will either talk you through them and award the badge, or schedule another training session or two, just to ensure you reach your full potential!

It is important to note these checkrides will remain very informal, and should certainly be nothing to worry about! Your "results" will be confidential, and discussed with your training manager until you are satisfied.

Why are we implementing this award?
The quality of Fly UK pilots on IVAO/VATSIM is normally outstanding.
By introducing this award, we hope to achieve two main aims:

- To reward and identify those pilots who are proficient at flying online with IVAO/VATSIM
- To identify those who may need a little extra help to raise their confidence levels, in order that we can offer the appropriate help.

How does this benefit you, our members?

By attempting this checkride, members can identify any gaps in their knowledge in a calm, stress-free environment - without the worries of frustrated controllers.

After the checkride has been completed, it will demonstrate members have been willing to take the time to achieve such an award - showing us your dedication, as well as hugely improving your online flying experience! Likewise, it also gives experienced members the chance to make yourselves known to us, thus increasing our online activity profile.

We hope to see a large number of pilots try this checkride in the future, and hope more and more people can be introduced into the world of online flying.

How do I book a Checkride?

To book your Checkride on IVAO - click here.

To book your Checkride on VATSIM- click here.

Fly UK Staff Team

--- ENDS ---
For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us at www.flyuk.aero
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