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Events "Refreshed!"

Fly UK are pleased to announce that we have just launched a complete overhaul of our Events Department! Packed with new features to increase the functionality, improve the user-interface, introduce new and exciting events, as well as an improved events web-page, we hope to improve the experience for staff and pilots alike.

New Website & Systems Features

Click to see our All-New Events page!

- A visually improved site to provide more information and to be more user-friendly for pilots.
- An events Calendar to graphically display all our planned events.
- An area where we will display events that are in the pipeline but not confirmed, to give you advanced warning as well as an idea of what to expect!
- Easy Feedback links - where members can provide feedback, ideas, comments or suggestions to our events team.
- IVAO UK & VATUK Event feeds so you can get information about all the upcomming events on IVAO & VATSIM and even if Fly UK isn't taking part officially - you're more than welcome to fly!
- Email reminders to pilots 24 hours before an event they have signed up to.
- Links to appropriate training, as well as charts, aircraft and scenery.


New Exciting Events Planned

- Continued IVAO UK online night flights
- Heavy Weather (See below - launch event!)
- Multi - Destination Events
- Real Flight Events
- Long Haul
- FSD informal events
- VATSIM Euro Hops
- IVAO VFR flights

And To Celebrate.


We are going to be holding a Heavy Weather Event on our own FSD server on the 27th of June.
The event will give a chance to all members wishing to try flying online with other people to do so, as well as giving our more experienced members a real challenge! We'll be holding the event at Manchester (EGCC).
For information about connecting to our FSD Server click here.

For more information please visit the events page: here!

--- ENDS ---
For further information, or to give any feedback, please do not hesitate to contact us:

IVAO/VATSIM Liason & Events Manager - Tom Hurrell
Email: tom.hurrell[at]flyuk.aero
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